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Shade and Water... No, really!
Posted on 02/17/2011 09:32 PM CST by the Webstaff

There was a little ... hmm, we'll call it a "party"...  in the Velaka Desert... Here's the highlights for those of you that missed it!

Cleric Guild!

Yes, indeed, it is finally open! The new guild features bits of lore for you to examine and discover, a new favor-granting altar for you somber types, and the esteemed Sand Elf, Anctarcarim, is taking up residence there. A local priestess has also agreed to open her shop two blocks south from the guild hall, which features many of your clerical needs, with a special Guild-member-only room in the cellar.

Sand Elf Village!

The first of what will eventually be the five hamlets of Sand Clan is now available to the general public! It's not exactly a walk in the park to get there, though. In fact, it's a walk in the desert, across a path with a uniquely dangerous obstacle that I will leave you all to get run over by, err... discover on your own. The first village, the Windy Hamlet, is just a sandstone's throw from the oasis pit-stop and features a number of shops and even a spot to quench your thirst, though it isn't cheap. And for those of you that just love a good sun-scorched, blasted wasteland to call home, there's a few shacks eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Undead Pack Beasts!

Oh, no! Think of the poor yeehars! The exiled Sand Elf Lhars has once again befouled the desert with these perversions of nature. The fabled Yeehar Graveyard has been discovered and besmirched, now overrun with undead yeehar, available for your killing pleasure. Watch out though, they bite. And chew. And digest. (Sort of.) As promised so many months ago when this project began, there is a segment of the hunting area available exclusively to Premium subscribers and their guests.

Shade and Water?!

No, no, no. It's not an Outcast mantra. It's actually just a bit of helpful advice for anyone who is planning to (drum roll, please) skip the sand barge by walking through the desert on foot! It's a harsh environment though, and the dunes are both difficult to climb and navigate. If you are seeking to brave the journey, you are heartily encouraged to bring a supply of water and something to shield yourself from the cruel desert sun, or risk dehydration and heat stroke in the golden wastes.


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