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The Toymaker's Tale
Posted on 10/09/2009 05:14 PM CDT by Producer

His family…his friends…the townspeople.  Every last one of them.

They drove him from his home. They mocked his handiwork. They taunted him for his disability.

They told him he would never amount to anything.

Ostracized and shunned, Hobglup settled in a remote area of the Paasvadh forest, living the life of a hermit.  Deft of hand and keen of eye, the Dwarf spent every waking moment honing his skill and focusing his attention on what made him happy: dolls. 

He tirelessly devoted his time creating wondrously detailed moppets and figurines, perfecting his craft in isolation. For eighty years he toiled.  As he became more and more confident, he painstakingly made his way to nearby villages, leaving the fruits of his labors at the doorstep or window of a home he knew to contain a child.  He would then lie in wait nearby, hoping to merely hear a delighted cry, but sometimes even able to catch a glimpse of joy that his toy had brought.

Finally, he knew he was ready.  He had reached the pinnacle of his ability and achieved a level of skill that no other could hope to match. 

His dolls were ready for the world, so he made his way to the major cities of Elanthia to peddle his wares.

A simple Dwarf.

Horribly disfigured and down to his last chance to show all those that shunned him they were wrong.

Hoping for acceptance.

Hoping that he'll finally make a name for himself.

Hoping that everyone would see what he was capable of.

Join us in welcoming a cavalcade of merchants to Hollow Eve 2009!  Many will look familiar, some will remain a mystery…but not for much longer!

Tentative Merchant List

Entrail Toss

House of Bling

Pining for Platinum

The Naked Sheep

The Male Persuasion

Blanve's Bounty

Thick as Thieves

Shenneshwi's Stockpile

Ahreusse's Atelier

Smokes 'n' Spirits

The Glass Bubble

Top Notch

The Joys of Noise

Rugged Appeal

Witch Stitch is Which

Eclectic Eccentric

The Terrific Turnip

Your Inner Animal

Signs of the Times

Asketi's Stop

Jhiskar's Provisions

Over the Edge

Haunted House

Just Desserts

Eternal Moments

Turialo's Haven, Autumn

PrEcIouS DeLigHtS

Abandoned Dragon

Empty Settings

Obscured Visions

Shimmers of Silver

Turialo's Haven, Night

Silly Silk Shop

Behind the Mask

Mob Mentality

Dark Symphony

Shugar's Cookie Emporium

Rizadi's Outfitters

Alimia's Ocarinas

On the Mend

Jhanine Derring Cloaks

The Toss-o-rama

The Smaller Side of Life

Beppo's Badges, Belts and Buckles

Slings and Things

Owein's Cambrinth Creations

Treasures of the Spirit

Town and Country

Fires of Autumn

Heavenly Entrances

Amulets by Liathe

Visions of Holiness

Packrat's Piece of Paradise

Spikan's Sporrans

Hollow Bellies

Obscure Memories


Amylia's Attic

Night Mares

Cuddly Creations

Hide and Silk

Crafty Cloaks


Suite of Sweets

Liquid Assets

Grieving Grave

Once Possessed

Dry Bones

The Spider's Web

Misenseor Goods

Relief in the Dark

Riding the Range

Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop

Tookes' Nook

Snookie's Divine Spoons

Q'thall's tailbands

Natural Selections

…and surprises galore!

But that's not all! 

As usual, we will also have raffles, games (along with The Darkbox!), and an Auction

Finally, and most importantly, every character who attends the festival* will also receive a fabulous, wondrous, and mysterious unique gift that has multiple special features and abilities! 

Ticket prices start at $44 ($40 for Plat and $30 for The Fallen) and are available in the Box Office!


*Special Ticketing Information:
Due to the nature of the special gift items, tickets for this festival will be handled differently than usual.  Base tickets will provide access to the first character on the account who passes through the Festival Gates, however, there are tiered tickets available to allow access to two, three, four, or ALL characters on the purchasing account.  These higher tiered tickets will allow multiple characters on the account to participate in the festivities, raffles, games, and special events, as well as allowing them to receive the special gift.

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