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Posted on 12/04/2008 12:45 AM CST by the Webstaff

The PROFILE verb is live!

Important notes:
  1. READ NEWS 5 31!  There is very important information in there regarding PvP and Quote settings.
  2. Type PROFILE or PROFILE HELP to get started.
  3. If you are on Stormfront you can edit your profile in a separate window.  You can also view profiles in a separate window. The default behavior is to view profiles in the STORY window.  Type PROFILE HELP for info on how to change your default
  4. Remember the PROFILE verb is an OOC (Out Of Character) verb and is a way to get information about another player, if they choose to share that information.


  • Quotes CAN (for now, at least) contain a URL, however, that URL needs to be something that pertains to DR, your character, or something in-genre.
  • Quotes need to be kept clean. If we find that you have an inappropriate quote we can lock your quote and you will not be able to set it again until a GM unlocks it.


  • PVP settings can only be changed once every 48 hours.
  • If you switch from a PVP OPEN stance to another stance, you'll have to wait about an hour before your new setting will kick in. You'll also have to stay alive during this one hour time period for it to take effect. If you die, you'll have to set your PVP stance again.
    • If your PVP Stance is set to OPEN in your Profile, this means that you welcome any and all comers for unrestricted PVP without question.  Therefore, since you're openly asking for it, Spouses of PVP OPEN players will NOT gain Auto-Consent on these conflicts.
    • Manipulating the rules in order to cause problems and then try to hide behind the system will not be tolerated, and you will not like the results, so please - play fair!


  • RP settings can only be changed once every hour.


  • We track when PVP and RP settings are changed, this will aid GMs in PvP situations.
  • RP and PVP settings can not be toggled on and off, they are always on.

If any problems arise, please ASSIST and we'll get to it as soon as possible. Also, post any problems/questions you may have.

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