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A PowerFULL Change!
Posted on 07/13/2009 01:17 AM CDT by the Webstaff

The new PP model is now live!

Room Based Casters:

  • In the new model, as we've said before, mana is solely based upon the room you are standing in and your personal skills. Areas outside the one you are standing do not impact it in any way.
  • This means that as you grow in power, there is an absolute minimum level of mana that you will enjoy at all times in all rooms. Primes grow a little faster than Secondaries or Terts even with the same amount of skill, as a skillset perk.
  • In general, the lowest mana levels are more palatable now than they used to be in the old system as well.


Moon Casters:

  • The variability of the moons is much more strongly felt in the new system, and planetary mana has been changed to simply widen the variable range of the moons instead of simply providing a flat boost (Although there is still a flat boost).
  • It is known that in many ways the moon mana change is in a nerf, since moon mana got to basically infinite very quickly and was occasionally capable of over doubling the maximum theoretical mana.
  • However, to go along with the nerf at the high end, lower level moon mages should find themselves much more able to cast spells, as the minimum power given by the moons has been amplified considerably.
  • In general, Moon based casters should find their average mana is slightly higher than Room based casters, but they cannot switch rooms to improve. By contrast, room based casters are slightly more stuck to sticking to favorable areas, as usual.
  • PP experience has also been dramatically improved. Powerwalking is still the paradigm for Room Based casters, but Moon Mages should find perceiving creatures while hunting and even perceiving the spellbooks to be much better options than they used to be.

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Mana, Elanthia and YOU:

Some of you may have noticed that 'hey, the mana in the rooms seems to have changed, and not just from the transition to the new PP system'.

Well, you are right!

Due to massive disparities in many areas of the game when comparing mana type to mana type, we have decided to basically repower the entire game, randomly. By randomly, we mean that we simply set a device that just started picking random numbers between min and max mana for every mana type in every room, and now we've been dropping the results of that into the live game.

The mana is still consistent so if you see a room in Prime it will have the same mana as a room in Plat and eventually the same mana as that room in TF.

What this means though is that certain points which were known as gathering grounds may have shifted, because the high mana has moved. Or that room may have gotten lucky and it's still really good. In any case, you may have to look around to find the best hunting / triage spots for you. We realize this may be a bit confusing and inconvenient at first, but now overall the mana in the game is pretty darn close to exactly even for all mana types.

We ran the numbers before and the highest mana type gamewide (Elemental) was about 5% ahead of the lowest mana type (Life) beforehand. Now the difference between highest and lowest (I'm not telling you which is which) is a mere .25%. We've also forced all major game areas to average out to basically 'average' mana, so there's guaranteed good and bad mana rooms in every area for every mana type, and no mana type loses out.

We will be going back briefly to touch on some of the guildhalls to improve their mana levels for their mana type, within reason, but otherwise it's basically intended and permanent that the mana levels have shifted across the board.


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