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Shadow Web
Posted on 04/01/2009 12:35 AM CDT by the Webstaff

The Shadow Web spell has been rewritten. The highlights of this change include:

  1. It is now an offensive spell, and illegal in town (disturbing the peace).
  2. The caster is no longer subject to his own web.
  3. It is now a pulse spell, capable of firing off up to six times per cast. The first pulse occurs immediately after the cast, while the other pulses have a healthy random element to them. Creatures and players who enter between pulses are subject to becoming ensared. A victim who frees himself of the web can also be recaptured if he sticks around.
  4. While the shadow web is active, it is visible in the room with the caster. It will stop working if the caster leaves the room.
  5. The duration of individual webbings is low, again with the caveat that unless the victim does something about it, he's likely to get grabbed by the spell again after he's freed. Anyone who accidentally stumbles into a room with an active shadow web at exactly the wrong time will only be inconvenienced for a few seconds unless, again, he sticks around to suffer more.
  6. Escaping functions differently. After the victim has been webbed for half the intended duration, he gets to contest his Escaping against the caster's. If he succeeds, he is freed then and there. If he fails, he must wait out the other half of the duration, or use some other power designed to thwart webs. This process teaches Escaping if the Shadow Web is cast by a critter.

The revised spell is live in all instances.  Enjoy!

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