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Bleeding, Gangrene and You!
Posted on 12/07/2007 10:11 PM CST by the Webstaff
As most of you know, there's a chance to get gangrene from bleeders. It's fairly well known by now that tending wounds greatly increases the chance of getting the disease, which has actually lead to a situation where people avoid taking care of their bleeders because, frankly, it's safer for a lot of you just to let them bleed.

For the past 6 months, Platinum has been working under a new version of the system. The disease itself is unchanged, but the chances of contracting it via bleeders has changed dramatically.

These changes are now live in Platinum and Prime ONLY.

(1) The chance of getting gangrene for tending a wound has been drastically reduced. It is still possible, but the odds are much lower than they were previously.

(2) The chance of getting gangrene from letting your wounds bleed freely has gone up. Before anyone panics, so long as you make a reasonable effort to tend your wounds in a reasonable amount of time, your chances are lower than they have been in the past. What this basically means is that internal wounds are going to be a little more dangerous than they have been in the past, and you ignore them at your own risk.

(3) The Blood Staunching spell will also dramatically reduce the chances of getting gangrene from bleeders.

Overall the chance of gangrene has gone down dramatically. However, those of you who have gotten into the habit of ignoring bleeders specifically to avoid gangrene will need to do a quick about face or they'll find themselves falling into the very situation they were trying to avoid.

The odds are subject to change based on feedback. However, be aware that there is no chance that the odds of getting gangrene will be higher than they were before -- hard caps are in place to prevent that possibility completely. Basically the chances from tending and the chances from ignoring the bleeders were reversed, and for the most part drastically lowered unless you are completely and totally neglecting your wounds for a long period (over 9 minutes) of time.

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