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New Ranger Spells!
Posted on 04/14/2008 04:02 PM CDT by the Webstaff

The first two spells in the Ranger Targeted Magic line have been released in ALL instances and are on PREMIUM PREVIEW!!!

Speak with your GuildLeader for more information.


Eagles Cry:

  •  Basic TM spell


  •  Tier 2 TM spell

The following spells have been re-released in all instances after their Lethal Spell changes:

Swarm: [SvS]

  •  Area affect debuff. Hits anyone (including you) not under a Sphere of Protection. You may cast on a specific person to ensure the Swarm goes after them despite a SoP.
  • Hinders stealth/perception of affected targets as well as giving a small penalty every so often to balance or RT.

Grizzly Claw: [SvA]

  •  Knocks down an opponent that is at melee range, and can push them back.
  • Can be self cast to remove webs, chance of success is based upon amount of mana used.
  • Can be self cast even unwebbed if you want to learn PM/HA.
  • Cannot be cast in heavily urban areas, somewhat dependant on bonus.

Branch Break: [SvA]

  •  Stuns or knocks out (if already stunned) an opponent for a short duration.
  • Can now be cast as often as desired.
  • Now works in any terrain.
  • Cannot be cast in heavily urban areas, somewhat dependant on bonus.

Harawep's Bonds: [SvA]

  •  Webs Target
  • Pulse will unbalance (if target is webbed) or reweb (if target broke web somehow)
  • Target can topple over if unbalanced.
  • Duration is lower than before, in keeping with our overall philosophy debilitating spells meant to last shorter than many older ones did. (This is happening to all spells if you haven't noticed)

Plague of Scavengers: [SvS]

  •  Debuff that hinders offense and defense of target.
  • Pulse makes already bleeding wounds bleed more.

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