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A New Spellbook!
Posted on 05/14/2008 04:04 PM CDT by the Webstaff

After a long preview to assist in the statistic spell contest changes, theAnalogous Patterns spellbook has been officially released!

Analogous Patterns is a branch of spells that are held in common by all magical disciplines. Due to the construction of these spell patterns, they function flawlessly in any frequency of mana. In practice, the Analogous Patterns are the exact opposite of the sorceries that comprise most of the Arcane approach to magic.

Two AP spells are now live in all versions of the game:

Ease Burden (EASE)
1st tier utility, enhances the subject's ability to carry equipment without hinderance.

Energy Bolt (EB)
1st tier TM.

Soon to be released:

Strange Arrow (STRA)
2nd tier TM.

Ease Burden and Energy Bolt can be acquired through a simple quest: perceive the mana in a room. Or, in the case of Moon Mages, the general mana overview.

Information on the distribution of the Strange Arrow spell will be forthcoming.

Since these spells are off preview, Analogous Patterns spells will now appear in your SPELL listing and you will be able to recognize AP spells that you know being cast regardless of guild. For example, a Ranger will recognize a Cleric's preparation of Energy Bolt.

More importantly, all magic users now have two additional spells to use right at 1st circle. This will hopefully make early magic training for Empaths, Paladins and Rangers a saner prospect, while increasing the enjoyment of the early circles for everyone involved!

Guild-specific notes:

Analogous Patterns are spells, not enchantes. You must use the PREPARE and CAST verbs to use them.

The touchy-feely sect also acquires Energy Bolt, but keep in mind that direct magical attacks still cause Empathic Shock. The quest messaging very clearly lays this out (in yellow highlight, even).

 Warrior Mages
 With the automatic addition of Energy Bolt to your spell selection, you are no longer limited to just choosing a TM spell at 1st circle. Arc Light, Ethereal Shield, Rising Mists and Zephyr are all now available immediately to novice Warrior Mages.

Aspiring Necromancers
Analogous Patterns are legal and not considered to be the use of sorcery.

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