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Item Registration!!!
Posted on 06/17/2008 02:16 PM CDT by the Webstaff

The Item Registration system is now open in both Prime and Plat!

Players interested in registering their items may find the Records Office down the corridor in the Town Hall, next to the Lottery Office on the second floor.

Note that it costs 5 gold per item registered. Not all items may be registered, and registration does not guarantee replacement of lost items.

As you will see on the signs posted in the Registration Booths:

  • Registration of an item should not be construed as an insurance policy of any type, nor is it proof of ownership. It simply establishes a detailed record of the item, and that it was at one time in the possession of the person who paid for the registration.

  • It is unnecessary to register an item again unless it has been significantly altered.

To clarify:

Registering an item will not EVER guarantee that the item will be replaced if the item is lost. It simply means that IF an item is lost AND a GM determines that it is eligible for replacement, we can more easily re-create the exact item you lost.

Now, when the system first comes out, you will see that you won't be able to register just anything. This is on purpose, since there's no point in allowing folks to register things like backpacks, oval shields, crusts of bread, skins, gems, and pulp. This system is meant for items that have been significantly altered, adjusted, or that are not "standard" items.


When the system first comes out, there are likely going to be many things that you feel you SHOULD be able to register that the system is most likely NOT going to accept. Two major things on this list are fletched items (both bows and ammo) and tanned items. We are currently working on a way that we can tag these items (on a system level) that we can then use to quickly and easily bypass the block on "generic" items. Given the nature of the current fletching and tanning systems, there's no simple SINGLE "thing" to check for. There are lots of various things, but the code to take all of those things into consideration would be prohibitive.

Forged items are another matter and you should be able to register those without any problems. We are currently discussing the best option for tanned and fletched items and will get those item included ASAP, but I think we just need to get the bulk of the system out. The additional benefit will be that I'm sure there will be other things that should be registerable that folks will find, so this will be the place to post those for consideration.

Again, not everything will be allowed to be registered and that's (partially) by design.  However: Anything that's been altered by a merchant can be registered without question.

If you have any questions about the system, please post those here.

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