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TEACHING 2.0 !!!
Posted on 07/05/2008 08:38 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Here's a brief summary of the changes:

  • TEACH HELP should give you an idea where to start.  Starting a class is basically still the same, but once the class is started it may be open or closed.  Anyone may join an open class without an invitation, unless your demeanor settings are cold or reserved towards them.  Only those who are individually invited may join a closed class. There is no limit to the number of students a teacher may have.
  • LISTEN HELP should clue you in on new options.  The biggest difference is that you now have the option to observe the teacher and learn to be a better teacher yourself.  In other words, any class may now be turned into a class on teaching.
  • STOP TEACH and STOP LISTEN should still work as before.
  • ASSESS TEACH is updated to support the new features and provide additional information.

A few other things not quite so obvious from the help messages...

  1. You no longer need to have more ranks than your student does in the subject being taught, although it certainly benefits both sides if you do.
  2. A few areas in the game give bonuses to learning rates from teaching.  This may surprise folks, but this actually isn't new.  However, the number of areas has been drastically expanded.  I'm not going to give exact details, but here's a hint to get folks started.  You might find the performance arts easier to teach in areas where you might expect to find performers.  You may find many skills -- especially lore skills - easier to teach in areas suited for teaching -- academies, schools, and universities, for example.
  3. Your demeanor settings will determine whether your classes start out as open or closed.  You can toggle them open or closed anytime you like, or continue to do individual invites just like before.  You can also prohibit certain individuals from joining an open class by using your demeanor settings.

Additional Tips on LISTEN 2.0:

When you listen to a class normally under Teaching 2.0, you learn three skills.  From highest exp to lowest, they will be the Subject, Scholarship, and Teaching.

  • If you use the LISTEN <teacher> OBSERVE option instead, the order is reversed.  From highest to lowest: Teaching, Scholarship, Subject.

Note that if teaching or scholarship is the subject of the class, you will only learn two skills at the standard rate.  In short, if you are observing a teaching class you don't get Teaching + Scholarship + Teaching.  You just get the Teaching + Scholarship, and lose the Subject experience since you already gained some.

What this means is that teaching classes on "teaching" is no longer necessary, and is in fact wasteful.  If you want to learn teaching from someone else, have him or her teach any other subject and LISTEN OBSERVE the class.  You'll learn teaching just as well as if they were teaching "teaching", and you'll get a bit of the subject as well.

Further information can be found on the forums.


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