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Hollow Eve!
Posted on 10/31/2021 05:31 PM CDT by Producer



The Ocean Is Stirring Once Again...


It was a rare sight afforded from the vantage of the flying leviathan known as Zemmunhu. Where only moments before there had been an endless expanse of blue on blue, an unbroken horizon where sea and sky touched without land or life of any kind to disrupt the view, now bubbling and frothing as if the seas themselves were expelling a breath held within their hidden depths for too long.


Domed towers were the first to pierce the churning water, the sun's reflection glaring from mirror-like glass panes lining their parapets as they rose slowly above the seas. Decorative coral clusters of countless colors cling to the rising sandy structures. Revealed were gardens of glowing fan worms and tube worms, spiraling sea cabbages, so much life unknown and indescribable by we who walk the lands of Elanthia. It has been placed, grown, and shaped perfectly over hundreds of years -- all rising, climbing, reaching higher and higher into the sky as cerulean waterfalls cascade from balconies and buildings of all shapes and sizes. A city, a palace, risen and revealed, sitting atop winding roads dotted with smaller but no less vibrant structures and landscapes.


Andreshlew. Living home of the Merelew. It has been four years since its sandy beaches last welcomed the unwebbed feet of outsiders. You have not been invited to feast! You are summoned, requested to meet with their representatives.


Will you answer their call? 


Andreshlew Is Calling!


Poisoned by the death of the Massive Metal Arachnid, the living island of Andreshlew rose to the surface and the Merelew begged our aid in cleansing their land of the tomiek corruption. 


Six prominent factions sought favor, a friendly competition to ascertain which approach would be chosen.  The Depth Shapers, the Inverted Crucible, the Trickling Sun, the Red Fan Traders, and the Supplicants of the Tide each had their own views, and each presented their case to Adventurers.  As the festival drew to a close, the Trickling Sun stood as the victor and through their mysterious ecologies, balance was restored.


But even the Merelew are subject to the dangerous tides of shifting politics!  Deadly isolationists who once enjoyed a prominent seat as court advisors have been forced into the shadows, violently seeking their agenda.  The Gillborn Loyalists struck boldly, and garnered the contempt of King Galpelus. 


Despite losing favor, the Gillborn Loyalists nevertheless remain a threat as they continue to maneuver from the shadows.  Additionally, another faction has emerged, the Voidgazers.  Fanatical cultists that skulk in the fringes of Merelew society, the Voidgazer's have once again journeyed from the quiet and impenetrable abyssal depths they call home to spread the word of the deity of finality they name Euldath, The-Endless-Rest-Beneath-Darkened-Depths. 


Hollow Eve is here again, and with it the opportunity to return to the vibrant shores of Andreshlew!  Ride the dolphins across the open sea and enjoy shops, events, and live merchants all month long for you to enjoy!  Grab your Kronars and come check it out!


Some of the games you've played in previous years will return, and some Merelew games will be open too!


And of course, there are dozens of shops new and old fully stocked with awesome items for you to peruse!  Check out the shop list to see if your favorites will be there.  The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze will be open in its usual place near Arthe Dale.  Tickets go on sale starting Friday, November 6th!


The Hollow Eve Festivities Begin Tonight around 9pm ET!


Shops, Shops, Shops!

Accents for the Arachnophile ~@~ Altered Reactions
ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs ~@~ Bam Bam's
Birds of a Feather ~@~ Chuffed to be Stuffed
Comfortable Rakash ~@~ Cowsmoopolitian
Cultured Attire ~@~ Darsam's Drifters
Dock of Many Flings ~@~ Eye Spy
Fabric Fantasies ~@~ Finer Things
Floors for Thought ~@~ Force of Habit
Galleria of Garters ~@~ Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
Give 'Em the Boot ~@~ Goslings Exotic Fish
Hashal's Haven ~@~ Heikea
In the Hollow ~@~ Jhanine Derring
Lances and Roses Souvenir Ship ~@~ Lute the Room
Mind of Sdai ~@~ Mob Mentality
Natural Selections ~@~ Pane in the Glass
Piralpa Tridents ~@~ Pita Pan
Reinventing the Wheel ~@~ Ritual Addiction
Scentsations ~@~ Shapers Furnishings
Siegery Shop ~@~ Sketchy By Design
Skin Art by Jaecinda ~@~ Sputkin's Splendors
Tea for Tamsine ~@~ The Future is Now
The Joys of Noise ~@~ The Male Persuasion
The Musiceum ~@~ The Stylish Stallion
This Little Piggy ~@~ Tieheq with the Thirteen
Tweets ~@~ Two Doors Down
Wally's World of Walls ~@~ Whimsical Winds


A Quick Bite ~@~ A Walk on the Wild Side
Affair of the Art ~@~ All the King's Men
Amphibifriends ~@~ Country Style
Dark Dalliance ~@~ Delicate Creations
Excess Baggage ~@~ Fishy's Pants Mart
Hero To Go ~@~ In The Snow
Limited Treasures ~@~ Natural Beauty
Nigeyi's Footwear ~@~ Old Elmer's
See The Light ~@~ Sew It Seams
Stuff It ~@~ Sumptuous Silks
Tastlessly Tacky ~@~ The Naked Sheep
The Other Siegery Shop ~@~ Wedding Belles
Which Craft ~@~ Whimsies
Wrath of the Storm


All Gallows Eve ~@~ Arachnomancy
Black And Tanned ~@~ Bought The Farm
Carpin Capers ~@~ Conductive Contraptions
Covered Dragon Wagon ~@~ Creature Story
Everlasting Beauty ~@~ Familiar Treats
Garden Party ~@~ Glam and Gritty
Halberdashery ~@~ Home for the Fireplace
Jynli's Cattery ~@~ Killer Pinks
Now And Trader ~@~ One Stop Tabard Shop
Only The Holy ~@~ Plunderdome
Plush and Nonsense ~@~ Salvaged Finds of the Reshal Sea
Sofa So Good ~@~ Svenblum's Annex
The Fighting Is On The Wall ~@~ The Pink Pirates Plunder and Pillage Palace
The Scorpion Shop ~@~ Too Much of a Good Sling
Tool as a Cucumber

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