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Hollow Eve is almost here!
Posted on 10/28/2020 01:01 PM CDT by Producer

The Ocean Is Stirring...


It is a rare sight few have seen. Where only moments before there had been an endless expanse of blue on blue, an unbroken horizon where sea and sky touched without land or life of any kind to disrupt the view, now bubbling and frothing as if the seas themselves were expelling a breath held within their hidden depths for too long.

Domed towers are the first to pierce the churning water, the sun's reflection glaring from mirror-like glass panes lining their parapets as they rise slowly above the seas. Decorative coral clusters of countless colors cling to the rising sandy structures. Revealed are gardens of glowing fan worms and tube worms, spiraling sea cabbages, so much life unknown and indescribable by we who walk the lands of Elanthia. It has been placed, grown, and shaped perfectly over hundreds of years -- all rising, climbing, reaching higher and higher into the sky as cerulean waterfalls cascade from balconies and buildings of all shapes and sizes. A city, a palace, risen and revealed, sitting atop winding roads dotted with smaller but no less vibrant structures and landscapes.

Andreshlew. Living home of the Merelew. It has been more than half a century since its sandy beaches last welcomed the unwebbed feet of outsiders. But you have not been invited to feast. You are summoned, requested to meet with their representatives.

Will you answer their call?


Hollow Eve Begins On Sunday, November 1st!




Andreshlew Is Calling!


Our last sight of the Massive Metal Arachnid was a vision of smoke pouring as it leapt off the cliffs and into the ocean. We were glad to be rid of the danger, and it didn't occur to anyone that what was no longer our problem became a major issue for someone else.

Our allies, the Merelew, have been polluted by the remains of the metal contraption and in their efforts to keep their piece of our world clean, there has been some shifting within their society.

Andreshlew has seen some political changes as a result! Six prominent factions have risen in power, each with their own ideas about how to best clean up the island and serve its people. While they each have their own views, they all have the shared goal of bettering Andreshlew.

The Depth Shapers, the Inverted Crucible, the Trickling Sun, the Red Fan Traders, and the Supplicants of the Tide are all, separately and collectively, asking for our help. Meanwhile, the Gillborn Loyalists believe it a breach of the trust of their people to allow land-dwellers, outsiders, onto their island to meddle in their affairs.

Adventurers would be advised to keep an eye out for the dangerous Loyalists, but you can support *one* of the remaining factions –- be aware that lending support for one faction reduces your efforts to support all others! [Note that adventurers cannot support the Gillborn Loyalists!]


Hollow Eve is here again, and some things have changed! We'll no longer be visiting the Spider and all of the shops held within, but instead, will be riding the dolphins out to Andreshlew. There will be shops, events, and live merchants all month long for you to enjoy! Grab your Kronars and come check it out!

Some of the games you've played in previous years will return, and some Merelew games will be open too!

And of course, there are dozens of shops new and old fully stocked with awesome items for you to peruse! Check out the shop list to see if your favorites will be there. The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze will be open in it's usual place near Arthe Dale. Tickets go on sale starting Friday, November 6th!

The Hollow Eve Festivities Begin This Sunday, November 1st!




What is Hollow Eve?

Hollow Eve is our biggest festival, and it happens every year!  It all started in 2008, and every year since we've added MORE to make it even bigger and better!

This year is no exception!  Join us in Andreshlew for:

  • New and returning merchants!
  • New and returning games!
  • An exclusive gift only available to attendees!
  • Live merchants and alteration sessions!
  • TONS of raffles!
  • An auction!
  • ...and much more!

How do I get a ticket?

We've changed how this works from previous years!  Access is handled in game via SimuCoins now rather than through the Box Office!  Tickets will be available opening night.  Just take one of the dolphin transports to the festival area, and you'll find a table selling an invitation for Simucoins.

The invitation is considered the 'Admit 1' ticket from previous years.  You cannot enter the festival without buying one of these and REDEEMing it.  These do not bond, so you can absolutely sell/gift/trade them to other players, too!

Note: If you purchase SimuCoins while logged in, you may need to log out and back in for the relevant info to be updated properly!

Great!  How about my other characters?

In Platinum and The Fallen, the invitation is considered 'Admit All' -- every character on your account is eligible to attend once you redeem an invitation!

In Prime, however, additional characters will each require a Hollow Eve authorization.  These will also be on the same table the invitation was!  When you REDEEM an authorization, it adds an additional slot to your Hollow Eve access.  The next character you take (who hasn't already claimed a slot) will consume that slot and have access to the festival.  You cannot purchase or redeem an authorization for your account unless you have redeemed an invitation first!  Once you have redeemed 4 authorizations (puts you at 'Admit 5'), your account is considered Admit All, and all characters on your account can attend without any additional authorizations!

Like the invitations, the authorizations do not bond, either!  You can sell, trade, or gift to fellow players as you like!


What merchants are coming back?

GREAT question!  Here's the list: Shops!

Where can I learn more?

  • Elanthipedia's Hollow Eve tracking is handy!
  • Connect with other players via the Hollow Eve forums!
  • Check out the FESTIVAL verb in game!
  • Follow us on Twitter for notifications of updates/live events!

- - - - - - - - - -

Be sure to watch this news item for updates and previews of some of what you can expect to see at this year's event!  Don't forget to follow our Twitter so you don't miss out on announced events and merchants, and the FESTIVAL verb in game will list special events to look forward to!

- - - - - - - - - -

Corn Maze News!

That's right, we've got THREE exciting versions to Corn Maze!  The old favorite is still in the SimuCoin store, for those who want to squeeze out the most from their run!  The two additional flavors are for those who want an overall faster experience!  For the sake of reference, we'll refer to these new versions as "short form" and "single task", respectively.

Some details about the short form version of the Corn Maze:

  • The short version takes place in a separate area from the original version.
  • The short version has a time limit of 4 minutes.
  • The short version tasks are similar to the original version tasks, but typically require only one verb to complete.
  • -- The exception is the task to disarm traps, as it requires you to search and find the trap before disarming it.
  • Verbs have random length, with a maximum of 10s.
  • There are no combat tasks.
  • Task success chance does not scale with skill like the original version, but success is guaranteed.
  • Tasks grant experience, just like in the original version.
  • You enter the short version via a harried Halfling at the maze exit.
  • You use the same Corn Maze pass to enter the short version as the original version.

Some info on the single task version:

The single task version is almost identical to the short form version with the following exceptions:

  • You enter the single task version one room south of the corn maze exit, via a tired Halfling.
  • You use a corn maze ticket to enter the single task version. These are sold in game next to the tired Halfling, for 100 simucoins.
  • You do a single task worth 10 kernels, and 1.5 (average) indicental.
  • Multipliers do not work with the single task version.
  • The single task version has a time limit of 30 seconds.

Note: Corn maze PASSES will not work on the single task version. Corn maze TICKETS will not work on the short version or the original version.  Be sure you're getting the right access for the version you intend to participate in!


In the original (one hour) version of Corn Maze, you'll be able to complete as many tasks as you can in an hour, earning 10 kernels for the first 10 tasks, and 2 kernels per task afterwards. You will be able to search each landmark in the maze for incidentals once per hour.

In the short (four minute) form version, you will be able to complete up to 10 tasks for 10 kernels each. Upon leaving this version of the corn maze, you will be given a sack containing 1.75 (average) random incidentals per task completed.

In the single task version, you will be able to complete one task for 10 kernels. Upon completion you will be given 1.5 (average) random incidentals.

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