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Droughtman’s Challenge!
Posted on 05/06/2019 08:50 AM CDT by Producer


Prepare For Droughtman’s Challenge


Think you have what it takes to beat Droughtman’s Challenge? Put your pathfinding skills to the test in the pitch-black corridors of Droughtman’s Maze!

The Rules Are Simple

In the pursuit of fairness, contestants will enter the labyrinthine walls of Droughtman’s Maze on a level playing field. Abandoning all of their personal possessions before entering, contestants will be provided with a survival kit containing a random melee weapon, a random ranged weapon, a random piece of armor, and a mysterious blue wand.

Your goal is simple: traverse Droughtman’s Maze, find a golden key, and escape through the golden archway before time runs out.


The Maze Is Treacherous


Filled with dead ends and even deadlier traps, traversing Droughtman’s Maze is no easy task.  While its lightless corridors may initially seem unsolvable, don’t forget that you can SHAKE your mysterious blue wand to help orient yourself.  This wand can also be used to freeze other contestants in place, but remember that this power can only be used 5 times per run!

On your journey through the labyrinth, you’ll come across different colored doorways—some open and some closed. Hidden throughout the maze are similarly colored levers that can be pulled to open or close the corresponding doors.  Pulling the correct levers will help create an uninterrupted path through the maze, but be careful, as other contestants might have the same idea.

Levers are not the only things worth pulling in Droughtman’s Maze.  Scattered around the maze are several ropes hanging from the ceiling. Pulling on a rope will either reward you with a golden key, or punish you with a trap.

If you are lucky enough to be rewarded with a golden key, be on your guard.  Picking up a key will alert every other contestant in the maze, and because only one golden key can spawn at a time, that means everyone will be coming after you! Make your way to the Golden Archway as quickly as possible to escape.

While strategy and cunning are paramount to succeeding in Droughtman’s Challenge, violence may also become a necessity.  Should you meet another contestant within the maze, prepare to fight! But don’t worry, death in Droughtman’s Maze merely teleports you back to the entrance, where you can enter the shadowy walls once again.

You’ll only have five minutes to complete this challenge, so time is of the essence. Contestants who are swift of foot and sharp of mind will be poised for victory.


The Prizes Are Magnificent


During his time away, Droughtman found and bartered for many exciting new items that he knew would make perfect rewards for his Challenge.  While he’s not quite ready to give away all of his secrets yet, know that when participating in Droughtman’s Challenge, everyone wins!

Think You Can Triumph Over Droughtman’s Challenge?
Prove Yourself This Friday, May 10th at 9:00pm (ET)


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