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Droughtman's Challenge!
Posted on 01/19/2018 02:07 PM CST by Producer

After years of travelling the countryside, Droughtman has returned with a devious and exciting adventure for all!

What is it, you ask?

Droughtman has answers!


"If you dare to accept my call, you'll enter my Maze as a contestant whose task is simple, yet as twisted as the very walls that surround you!  Abandoning all your supplies, you'll be given a mysterious blue wand (No licking or eating the wands!  The Management is not responsible for any injuries!)

"Into the Maze you'll go, seeking your way to the Golden Arch.   Along the way, you'll find several colored doors.   When you start your journey, some will block your path and others will be wide open, at least until someone pulls one of the many colored levers you'll find around the Maze!  Some levers will open doors that were closed!   Some levers will close doors that were open!  Some levers will not only open some doors, but also close others, too!  But remember, while you're pulling levers trying to open the right doors that lead you to glory, other people are doing the same thing!  Strategy and cunning are key!

"Key?   I almost forgot!  If you get through the Golden Arch before your time runs out, and if you have a golden key your rewards will be increased!  In various places throughout the Maze, you'll find ropes dangling from the ceiling.  Give one a pull, if you feel lucky, and you just might get a key!  Then again, who knows what else might happen!

"One important word!  Death is but an inconvenience here, since dying will merely move you back to the beginning of the maze.  In truth, victory will likely favor the fleet of foot and nimble of mind, although I'm sure that the strong of body will do everything they can to slow them down!

"Everyone will be on equal footing inside the maze.   There are no special advantages for the old and powerful, just as there are none for the young and weak!  There's no hiding, no windows, not much mana, and no peering from room to room allowed!

"This is a Challenge worthy of true Champions and Heroes as the gods truly intended... skill, cunning, and brains are just as important (if not more-so) as brute force."


Do you have what it takes to conquer the Maze?  

Find out, beginning January 19, 2018!




Do you have what it takes to defeat

Droughtman’s Challenge?!

Find out, beginning January 19, 2018!

“How does it work?”


It's easy!  Buy your passes, and then head to the Event Portal locations in game!  Redeem your pass, and ask the attendant about access to the maze.

Abandoning all your supplies, you'll be given a survival kit containing (among other things) a random melee weapon, a random ranged weapon, a random piece of protective armor or a shield, and a mysterious blue wand (No licking or eating the wands!  The Management is not responsible for any injuries!)

Get out your wand and go through the door leading into the maze!  Pull levers to open and close doors, and pull ropes to find a golden key.  Don’t dawdle in the Contestant’s Box, time is running out!  Each contestant will have FIVE MINUTES to find a key and then find the exit!  There can only be one key at a time, so if someone else has it, then find them and freeze them with your wand to steal their key -- but be careful, someone can take it from you too!

“So what it is that makes all this worth while?”




That's right!   Everyone who steps up and accepts the challenge will win.   No one will walk away empty handed!  When your Challenge is over, you will be given a prize package as well as some credits for Droughtman's famous shop!


“What’s in the shop?”


Inkpots -- NEW item!  This is a special tattoo which holds a castable spell!

Starglass -- NEW item!  This is a wearable light source!

Faesilk flower gowns -- NEW flowers to decorate your gowns with!

Feature Mirrors -- NEW descriptions!  

Winged boots -- NEW materials!  Flee in style!

Concentration regeneration boosters!

Mana regeneration boosters!

Skeleton keys -- Open every box!

Forge wands -- Unlimited uses!

Spell wands -- Unlimited uses!


Head over to Droughtman’s Compound and see if you can beat his challenge!  You only have until January 28, 2018 to earn a spot at the top of the leaderboard and win a special prize from Droughtman!

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