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The Fallen
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Hollow Eve Approaches!
Posted on 10/16/2017 10:36 AM CDT by Producer



Games, raffles, shops, and merchants -- Hollow Eve 2017 has it all!  


Come see what surprises await!


Opening Friday, October 27th!


The event you’ve waited for all year is just around the corner!  Purchase a ticket for Hollow Eve 2017 and get access to:


  • A special gift exclusive to this year’s Hollow Eve!

  • Updated shops and games!

  • Raffles with unique items up to Tier 5 in strength!

  • New and unique items in the Hollow Eve auction!

  • New adventures and storylines!

  • New treasure at the Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze companion event!

The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze

Fun for all adventurers!


Opening Wednesday, November 1st!


The Arthe Dale farmers have put together an enormous maze for all tastes!  Survive the frights of both day and night!  Solve puzzles, fight creatures, survive traps, get through in one piece and claim your rewards!  


Be careful, rumor has it that Harawep's Spider is lurking about somewhere in the corn!




Hollow Eve: The Poisoned Web

What once was mere metal is now so much more ...


Harawep.  The Immortal known as the Hag, the Widowmaker, the Bringer of Chaos  … and perhaps the salvation of us all.


The ill omens that Captain Kurmin, now seemingly a prophet of Harawep, spoke of when he and his now-transformed Massive Arachnid returned from their mysterious disappearance from the Plane of Abiding have come to pass.  Fate itself is in danger!


Unbidden sorcerous energies and direct interference with the fabric of Fate has damaged the connections between the Plane of Probability and the Plane of Abiding, putting both in great peril.  Poisoned by this corruption, denizens of Probability pour forth from damaged rifts between the Planes, driven by an otherworldly madness.  Without mortal action, Harawep’s prophet has warned that She will preserve the structure of Fate -- by burning the entire Plane of Abiding from existence to start anew!


Will you heed the words of the Hag?  


Are you brave enough to heal the Web?


Hollow Eve: The Poisoned Web opens on October 27th!

More details on shops, events, and merchants will be coming soon!




Tentative Shop and Game List
* entries in bold are confirmed as either new or refreshed

A Cultured Attire
A Game of Chicken
A Quick Bite
A Walk on the Wild Side
A Web-filled Harawep Shrine
Abandoned Dragon
Acaph's Acquisitions
Accents for the Arachnophile
Aerial Artistry
Ahreusse's Atelier
All Aquiver
All in Good Tome
All Wound Up
Amulets by Liathe
Amylia's Attic
Artistry of Flesh
Asketi's Shop
Beastly Behavior
Behind the Mask
Below the Fold
Birds of a Feather
Bizarre Bazaar
Blanve's Bounty
Blythe Spirits
Bobbing for Leeches
By the Book
Chizelli's Charms
Clear Visions
Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop
Comfortable Rakash
Country Style
Crafty Cloaks
Creature Comforts
Creepy Costumes
Cuddly Creations
Cute as a Button
Daelus's Entrances and Exits
Dark Dalliance
Dark Defenders
Dark Delights
Dark Symphony
Darsam's Drifters
Delicate Creations
Diamond Dieties
Eagle Eye
Elahkti's Metal Arts
Empty Settings
Eternal Moments
Everything in Moderation
Exaltation Tintinnabulum
Excess Baggage
Eye Spy
Fall's Harvest
Famous Last Words
Fangs for the Memories
Findorslyth's Fortifiers
Fishy's Pant Mart
Flower Power
Focus on the Past
Force of Habit
Forever Faithful
Frisky Portraits
Funny Bones
Gersvinda's Natural Studies
Give 'Em the Boot
Glythtide's Gifts and Gags
Grate Expectations
Grave Earth Pile
Grieving Grave
Hair Apparent
Hero to Go
Hide and Silk
Holey Warez
Hollow Bellies
Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights
Huffenclaw's Wondrous Wares
Hunka's Burning Love
I'll Eat my Hat
Ilithian Heritage
In the Hollow
Jewelry in Phases
Jhanine Dering Cloaks
Jhiskar's Provisitons
Jubby's Tattoos
Just a Slice
Just Desserts
Kasine's Gauntlet
Knightly Attire
Krobble's Karaban
Lavender and Lace
Liquid Assets
Made for Walking
Magical Minions
Masquer Aid
Misenseor Goods
Mob Mentality
Mordiv's Fun House
Musical Chairs of Doom
Natural Selections
Nectar of the Wisp
Nest o'Snakes
Nigeyi's Footwear
Obscure Memories
Obscured Visions
Ode to Glythtide
Odiferous Ornaments
On the Mend
Once Possessed
One Man's Trash
Outrageous Fortune
Packrats's Piece of Paradise
Peaceful Intentions
Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
Pi'rasha's Pins
Piggy Shop
PrEcIouS DeLighHtS
Puffindor's Professional Pieces
Puffs of Glitter
Q'tahhl's Place
Quiver in Fear
Ratchet Shack
Ready to Ere
Reinventing the Wheel
Relief in the Dark
Riding the Range
Sable's Tent
Svabbards 'n'Sheaths
See The Light
Shenneshwi's Stockpile
Shh'oi Mhhg
Shimmers of Silver
Shugar's Cookie Emporium
Sigery Shop
Signs of the Times
Silken Garden
Silken Seams
Simply Sessential
Sindah's Silk Sensations
Sketchy By Design
Slay it with Music
Slings and Things
Smaller Side of Life
Smokes 'n'Spirits
Snacky Happiness
Snookie's Divine Spoons
Something's Fishy
Soulful Trinkets
Spikan's Sporrans
Spiraling Out of Control
Sputkin's Storms of Silk
Stuff It
Suite of Sweets
Sumptuous Silks
Tastelessly Tacky
Tea for Tamsine
Tending the Fold
The Archivist
The Clerks' Collections
The Cutting Edge
The Eclectic Eccentric
The Eye of Power
The Faithful Defender
The Fashionable Panda
The Finer Things
The Gear Shop
The Glass Bubble
The House of Bones
The Humanist
The Kitten Emporium
The Laughing Nomlas
The Male Persuasion
The Mercurial Mage
The Mind of Sdai
The Musiceum
The Naked Sheep
The Other Siegery Shop
The Perfect Rose
The Photash School of Butlery
The Smaller Side of Life
The Snake Pit
The Stylish Stallion
The Terrific Turnip
The Toy Box
Thee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe
This Little Piggy
Tildi's Blooms
Tookes' Nook
Top Notch
Town and Country
Treasures of the Spirit
Tricky Treats
Turialo's Haven
Vatari's Ritual Addiction
Visions of Holiness
Walk This Way
Which Craft
Whimsical Winds
Wicked Windows
Woman at Arms Annex
Yarrel's Varmint Vittles
Your Inner Animal



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