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Return to the Keep: The Forgotten Tome
Posted on 07/21/2017 02:03 PM CDT by Producer


Deep in the bowels of a noble estate, myriad lunar mages toiled away.  Experiment after experiment, they continued almost endlessly and with a fervor rarely seen.  Most of these experiments were of little note, but one was a most resounding and unfortunate success.  It caused an anomaly of a most serious nature indeed, for you see, this particular test managed to disrupt Fate itself!

The ruins of the royal Keep -- not so long ago this once-regal symbol of the First Land was teeming with renegade Elpalzi, searching for a relic that would give them the power to rule.  With the combined work of adventurers, soldiers, and gentry alike over the course of many years, not only was this prevented, but these rebels met their ultimate defeat!  An uneasy peace has been created in the wake of this, and the people have finally begun their healing.

With the plucking of Fate’s strands, however, all of this is now at risk!  Things which have already come to pass are in perilous danger of being irrevocably altered.  Deep within the Plane of Probability, a being prickles at the waves of potential damage to come from it all and steps in, sealing the point of contamination away.

The featureless, abstractly Human-shaped being looks upon its creation, this moment of distorted time and potentiality trapped within starlight pulled from its own body.  Amidst the Keep’s rubble, an ancient relic once thought destroyed has been recovered by the warring Elpalzi.  This device allows its user to tap into the consciousness of a single individual – even one amongst those long gone from this world!  

The creature sees what will become of this: that the rebels will contact the powerful mage who once commanded them, and, with his vast knowledge, they will begin the creation of a new artifact of even greater power, a tome of time-bending magics.  

The starlight-hued head tilts as it scrys further, following all of the potential outcomes.  Fate’s strands must be returned to their proper placement.  Time must be preserved.  The Elpalzi cannot be allowed to finish writing this Tome.  

Brave adventurers are called upon once again to Journey back to the Keep and correct the course of history itself!

Will you travel back in time to save Elanthia before the Tome is complete?

Time travel is dangerous and forbidden, but drastic times call for drastic measures.  Will the renegade Elpalzi reign supreme and claim the lives of many more victims?

Can you stop the power hungry Elpalzi rebels and ensure their eventual defeat?

Or will they complete the Tome and rule over Elanthia with the mastery of space and time at their fingertips?




Travel back in time to save Elanthia before the Tome is complete!

~ July 21st until July 30th ~





With the plucking of Fate's strands the future itself stands at the precipice of being irrevocably altered.  The ancient relic must be recovered. The embers of war must not be rekindled.


Heroes are needed to go back in time to prevent this catastrophe from taking form!  The future must be protected!  Prepare yourselves to travel back to the Ruins from July 21st until July 30th!


Are you up to the task?


Help Lord Zukir by completing TASKs that need to be done.  A single pass will grant you one hour within the quest area to complete as many missions as you can.  Completing more missions allows you to claim greater rewards, and you can wait to select your treasure until a later run if you want to save up!  There are many new items but lots of old favorites are making their return as well. Don't forget there are a wide variety of missions and Empaths are not forced into combat missions.

What can you do with the credits you earn?



  • A Spectral Reaper medallion!  Summon your minion to slay your foes!



  • Feature Mirrors!  Change your appearance with a multitude of new options to choose from.  Make your character look unique!

  • Potency and Infuser Wallets.  A popular item makes its return.  Stack up all those stones and reduce your item count!

  • Scroll Stacker!  A new scroll stacker special for the Ruins makes its debut.  Collect your scrolls and store them neatly in your stacker!

  • Familiar Talismans!  A few new looks for some old favorites.

  • Sorcerous Backlash Absorber!  Backlash be gone!  This device can completely negate or significantly reduce the effects of sorcery gone wrong!

  • Carapace armor!  Choose from mail or light armor!

  • And more to come!


  • Fun magical toys

  • Many tiers of weapons and armor

  • Tinker’s tine

  • Unique titles!

  • Item hiders!




Be the hero Elanthia needs and stop the Elpalzi!

Rated E: Everyone Interactive -- The content of this site may change due to interactive exchanges.  Mild Violence.
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