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An Official Notice Posted in Every Town
Posted on 10/24/2016 04:13 PM CDT by Webstaff

Citizens of the Realms,

With the authority of the High Temple, as bestowed upon me by High Priestess Tallis, I do state the following:


~ These Recent Portents Have Been Determined to be of Holy Origin ~

  • Physical manifestations of expelling live and whole animals related to the Immortals from one’s person.  These so confirmed are stoats (and other small, weasel-like creatures), shrews (and other small, mole-like creatures), shrikes, vipers, adders, and goshawks.
  • Physical manifestations of expelling other foreign objects from one’s person, that had not otherwise been priorly ingested by the afflicted.  These so confirmed are heron eggs, chunks of refuse, chunks of carrion, blood and foreign teeth, bloody seawater, and rotting masses of roses.
  • Auditory manifestations of voices displaying known aspects of the Divine, either entirely disembodied in nature or seeming to emanate from individuals.  If coming from an individual, the voices are objectively not their own.  In both types of manifestation, tomfoolery of mundane origins has been ruled out in all confirmed cases.
  • Visual manifestations that are transitory in nature, revealing some aspect of Divine Knowledge.  These are being called commonly as visions, though they are distinct from those experienced by the Moon Mages via their ties to the Plane of Probability, in that they are being foisted solely upon the Faithful of the Thirteen.  These so confirmed are furthermore distinguished by not occurring to those who have most recently sought favor from any god not of the Thirteen, as well as not occurring to anyone who has last sought favor from Albreda, Tamsine, or Harawep.
  • Influxes of hostile creatures, both within Kermorian cities and outside thereof.  Such creatures confirmed are specifically identified as those already known as sacred to the Dark Aspects of any Immortal, as well those animate dolls known colloquially as ‘murderdolls’.  


~ Official High Temple Interpretation of Said Portents ~

With the above portents confirmed Holy in nature, the High Temple has thus determined the following as to their significance:

  • The connection and Holy influence of the Widowmaker Harawep, Dark Aspect of the Triumvirate which also includes Albreda and Tamsine, upon all attacks of said creatures noted above.
  • The connection and Holy influence of the Widowmaker upon that creation most widely known as The Giant Mechanical Spider.
  • The connection and Holy influence of the Widowmaker upon all such tragic events that have in the past befallen those connected with The Giant Mechanical Spider, as well as those that have preceded its opening for festivities within the Realms on all such occasions of its public appearance -- previously colloquially spoken of as the Curse of the Spider, or Kurmin’s Curse.
  • The Holy influence, Dark as it may be, of the Widowmaker upon the Gnome known as Captain Kurmin.
  • The transformation of that creation previously known as The Giant Mechanical Spider under the Widowmaker’s Holy influence.  While not yet confirmed, signs do point to this transformation being such as that what once was machine is now alive.


~ The Response of the Faithful ~

It is wise to be cautious and vigilant in light of such truths, yet do not despair!  

Bolster your Faith and seek the favor of the Immortals in all of Their Aspects.  Protect each other and give comfort where needed.  Know that the High Temple continues to investigate, and that we stand in unity to secure the Faithful.  The Will of the Immortals touches us all, but that need not be ill fortune.  Cleave to your Faith and trust in Their Guidance!


~High Temple Investigator Soraent

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