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The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze!
Posted on 10/14/2016 12:46 PM CDT by Webstaff


What is the Corn Maze?

The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze is a massive labyrinth set up in the corn fields of Arthe Dale to celebrate a bountiful harvest!  It's fun for both adventurers and commoners, with spooky delights and haunted passageways.  The maze becomes considerably spookier at night!  With a small token entry fee, you can explore the enormous maze and gain prizes!

Like many other recent events, there's no box office scheduling to deal with!  Runs through the maze are individual, and you can go anytime you want, with whoever you want!  One ticket in will give you an hour within the maze to explore and even help out the people of Arthe Dale if you like!  And if you've managed to get all the way to the end of the maze in one hour, you will get an extra prize!

What kind of things can you do in the Corn Maze?

Besides getting terribly lost, you can do the following:

- Protect the harvest by fighting off blight locusts in the northeast part of the corn maze

- Also protect the harvest by fighting off murder crows in the southwest part of the corn maze

- Find people (or animals!) who are lost in the maze and need to be escorted out

- Find specific landmarks inside the maze

- Treasure hunt!

- Keep your wits about you as the haunts inside try to frighten you!

- Watch out for the Scarecrow!

- And more!

Doesn't that all sound really dangerous?  Why is it set up so lightheartedly?

The Corn Maze is sponsored by the guilds of Crossing, and thus is set up specifically with adventurers in mind.  But to keep it more open to the general population, only certain parts of the corn maze are really dangerous, and it's usually quite obvious where.  That being said, there is an element of real danger everywhere in the maze, due to some circumstances beyond Arthe Dale's control.


Where is the Corn Maze?

The entrance of the corn maze down a path at the hilltop just outside Arthe Dale.

What should I take with me?

Usually you can just bring yourself!  That being said, if you're planning on fighting at all, you should gear up for a fight, but do not bring anything that you would be devastated at losing, and you should be very careful regardless.  Death is possible in the maze!

Why is the Corn Maze open at the same time as Hollow Eve?

The two are meant complement each other, not to compete with each other!  The corn maze is meant to give another option to those who either don't want to go to Hollow Eve, or just want a break from the giant shopping extravaganza.

What kind of prizes will the Corn Maze have?

Aside from items found inside the corn maze, there will be weapons, armor, clothing, and more!

But the grand prize will be outfits that you can customize!

Outfits? Huh?

Outfits are a new kind of magical glamour that work in a very similar way to the item hiders.  However, instead of just hiding your existing items, it will also take on the appearance of items that you do want to show, without needing to actually wear them!  This does NOT harm the original item in any way, and an item can be glamoured to more than one outfit at once.  Up to fifteen items can be applied to a fully unlocked outfit, and there are three kinds: Normal clothing and trinkets, jewelry, and armor.

How do I participate?

Head over to the Simucoin store and purchase your entry tickets!

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