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Do You Have What it Takes? Prepare for Duskruin!
Posted on 09/10/2016 06:25 AM CDT by Webstaff

Duskruin:Moonshard Hunter


Duskruin: MoonShard Hunter


Friday, September 16th at 9PM Eastern!


Drathrok and Zoluren’s leaders are sending out the call far and wide for brave adventurers to step back into the arenas and Dwarven mazes to hone their skills for the battles that lie ahead!


Compete against dangerous foes (some long forgotten!) with mighty spells and abilities, traps, and the clock to earn bloodscrip!




Spend your hard-earned bloodscrip on UNIQUE ITEMS only available at Duskruin!


  • Fleintoore’s Folio    - Unlock new verbs, stats, and features on exo weapons and more!

  • Lockbox of Lirum    - Skip the bank, handle your own exchanges!

  • Verika’s Trove        - A collection of powerful boosters to make you OP!

  • Frostdrums        - Smash a limb and freeze it into oblivion!



What are the Duskruin Arenas?

  • Face challenging foes from the far reaches of the lands!

  • The difficulty rises each round!

  • Avoid dangerous traps!

  • Win chests that can contain powerful prizes!

  • Even cheer on your friends as they compete!


What is the Duskruin Labyrinth?

  • Dwarven tunnels twisted into shifting mazes!

  • Find your very own pet rat!

    • Battle other players’ rats to see whose is fiercest of all!

    • Feed and care for them!

    • Carry it on your shoulder or in its very own special sack!

    • Keep it forever!

  • Discover powerful treasures hidden by the Dwarves of Stone Clan!


What exactly *IS* bloodscrip?

  • A special currency exclusive to Drathrok’s Duskruin!

  • Awarded for vanquishing foes in the arenas!

  • Can also be discovered within the Dwarven labyrinth!

  • Can be traded, sold or given to others!  But why would you?!?

  • Remember, this is how you get acquire the rare items of Duskruin!

  • Spend your Bloodscrip to purchase prizes ONLY available at Duskruin!


Sounds great!  How do I join in?

  • There are two ways to enter for your convenience!

  • Hang out and watch the fun for free!

  • Free-to-play accounts are welcome without any extra visas!

  • To fight in the arenas or run the maze, head on over to the Simucoin Store:

    • Purchase Dueling Slips to enter the arenas!

      • The announcer will explain the rules!

      • Kill your foes!

      • WATCH for their nefarious tricks!

    • Purchase Golden Rat Tokens to enter the labyrinth!

      • SEARCH high and low for your rat, treasure and more!

    • Dueling Slips and Rat Tokens go on sale Thursday, September 15th!


Drathrok’s Duskruin will begin   around 9PM Eastern!  Join your fellow adventurers in the arenas, and then jump into the games!  Act fast, because Duskruin won’t be here long!

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