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Taisidon Safari Returns!
Posted on 07/29/2016 05:40 PM CDT by Webstaff


Taisidon Isle: Awakened

Fantasy Excursions is back, once again offering a jam-packed adventure for enterprising explorers to enjoy the sights and attractions of the enigmatic Taisidon Isle!  Whether you enjoy unique hunting or shopping opportunities, the prize-filled games, gathering special materials for your crafting projects or just getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the Taisidon Safari has something for everyone!

Even if you're explored the island before, we've added
plenty of new and updated features as well as
old favorites!

What's New?

  • For just 750 SimuCoins, you can visit the island and all it has to offer for 12 hours!
  • More S'Kra Kor invasions and lore than ever before! Explore their village!
  • Lumberjacking! (safari-only woods available)
  • New Minable Ores (safari-only metals available)
  • New darkbox prizes!
  • New prizes and loot to find and purchase!
  • New shops!
  • New game!  Swim the Rushing River and collect seastars and pearls!
  • Seastars -- a new currency for special Safari-only items!
  • Increase your luck finding Seastars with Spectacles (available in the SimuCoin Store)!
  • Increase your luck finding rare treasure with some Goggles (available in the SimuCoin Store)!
  • Even MORE special alteration materials -- assassin diamonds, andradite variants, seahorse sapphires, rombazine, bleeding heart vines and so many more!
  • Transmutation chest -- find, buy, sell and trade to collect all the pieces and assemble your very own to unlock exclusive new gems!
  • ...and more!

That's right! Similar to bloodscrip and other event-specific currencies, Seastars will be a special currency found from certain creatures, games and activities on the island. You may freely sell and trade it with others until you REDEEM it, and then you can use it to buy special items only available at the Taisidon Safari! Spend it while you can!

Transmutation Chest?
That's right! We're introducing a new collection system, and this will be the first finished item to use it! Games, creatures and other activities can award pieces of the chest. When you have them all, assemble your chest and unlock the ability to create special guild-themed gems exclusive to this chest! All things have a cost, though, and these special gems are no exception! You'll need to sacrifice certain materials for a chance to create your gems!

What About...

  • Old shops? Sure, we got them!
  • Hunting? Yup, they're there!
  • Raffles? Of course.
  • Mining? Absolutely!
  • Treasure goblins? We'd NEVER leave them out!
  • Pearl diving? You betcha!
  • Rare materials from creatures? Yes!
  • Come and go when you want? As long as you redeem a Taisidon Safari invitation!
  • Alteration scrolls? Fantasy Excursions is very sorry to announce that they could not acquire their usual merchant contract and regretfully cannot offer scrolls for alterations en masse, but opportunities may exist for individuals to claim such prizes!

How do I join in?
On Friday, July 29th, we'll make the Taisidon Safari invitation available in the store, as well as other items to enhance your chances! Just grab the version that suits your needs and look for the nearest representative to get you there -- representatives will start showing up between 8-9pm Eastern! They can be found in the common portal locations (noted in NEWS 4 1 for those unfamiliar!).

Good luck, adventurers! We hope to see you at Taisidon!

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