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It's Bacon Man's Birthday!
Posted on 05/11/2016 12:14 PM CDT by Webstaff

Bacon Man's Birthday

We're Throwing a Celebration!

Fang Cove's favorite trivia-dispensing cart pusher, the Bacon Man, is having a birthday, and the Estate Holder Council is sparing no expense to put on a good show for him!  Starting Friday, May 13th and running through Sunday, May 29th, they're lining up merchants, games, raffles, events and more!

...there'll be PIG CATCHING and PRIZES!


Do note that these are the core events, and that much more will be going on than is listed here.  To stay up to date, be sure to keep a check on the forums, Twitter and Facebook!

  • Festival at Fang Cove: Friday, May 13th - Sunday, May 29th
  • Dispenser Raffles at Fang Cove(*): Sunday May 22nd - Sunday, May 29th
  • Token Auction at Fang Cove(*): Sunday, May 29th

(*) Final location for the raffles and auctions is tentative, and may change.  Stay tuned!

Wait, wait...go back.  You said PIG CATCHING?

That's right!  During the month (maybe not opening day!), we're introducing another new pet!  Bacon Man's pigs are loose on the farm, and this is your chance to sneak one home for yourself!  You can dress them up with a variety of clothing or even jewelry, show off their intelligence by training them to perform a variety of tricks, or just have them trot around after you all day!

Neat!  How do I join in?

Our Estate Holders (Premium subscribers) who already frequent Fang Cove can visit the fest any time they wish.  The normal meeting portals will be open all month long for the celebrations, and you can find the nearest one by checking PREMIUM 3.

For our non-Premium players, we'll be making available a "Premium-for-a-day" item that you can use to unlock MOST in-game Premium benefits, including access to Premium areas and systems such as Fang Cove, hunting areas, verbs, housing and more!

These items will NOT grant LTB points, access to extra characters, discounts via the website or other out-of-game Premium subscription benefits.  For our free-to-play players, they do not unlock normal subscriber benefits such as exp, treasure, or removing travel restrictions.  They will grant access to the event and many other in-game verbs and systems, however.

SimuCoin Item

There will be some games and activities that require a SimuCoins Store purchase.  Throughout the month, we'll have Grooba Coins available in the store in packages of 1, 10, 25, and 50 so you that you can share and play as much as you want!  Grooba Coins function like Duskruin Bloodscrip -- it exists as an item you can sell/trade/gift until you REDEEM it.  Once redeemed, however, it will show in your TICKET list and be used at special merchants or events.  Grooba Coins cannot be converted BACK to a tradeable item once you redeem them!

Here's some of what you can spend Grooba Coins on:

  • Premium-for-a-day pass for our non-Premium players (including F2P).
  • Bribe the farmer for a chance to find a pig of your own.
  • Raffle tickets from the dispensers (unlimited).
  • Token for the auction (ONE per account, more info coming!)
  • ...maybe more!  Stay tuned!

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