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The Ruins of Ulf'Hara!
Posted on 03/22/2016 05:28 AM CDT by Webstaff

Ruins of Ulf'Hara


The Ruins of Ulf'Hara

Almost a decade ago, the Elpalzi blew up Ulf'Hara Keep, home of the Zoluren royal family.  The blast killed friends, family, visitors, prisoners and servants without discrimination.  The senseless act was just another in a string of the increasing hostilities of Alret's Elpalzi against Zoluren's land and citizens.

Now, the Elpalzi are showing signs of interest in the Keep's ruins.  Was there a bigger plan to the explosion?  Has Alret learned of something hidden within the stonework that would aid his conquest?  Whatever the reason, the activities have lured Lord Zukir Dyth, once one of Zoluren's famed generals and personal protector of Prince Vorclaf's family, out of retirement.

Wasting no time, Lord Zukir has sent countless summons to the Keep's ruins far and wide, seeking any willing adventurer to assist in the efforts to protect and recover the treasures within, to stop them from falling into Alret's hands at any cost.  Will you answer the call?

- - - - -

What's different about this event?

This is another evolution of our quest system.  Similar to Duskruin, this event requires a pass that's purchased from the Simucoin store.  However, unlike Duskruin, this event is more like our historical quests such as Akigwe's Legacy or the Prison Riot quests where you have missions to complete in a given time.

But!  There's no Box Office scheduling to deal with!  You don't need to coordinate with your friends in advance for which run you want to go on together.  You don't need to hope you all get into the same run, or that everyone shows up on time.  You can go anytime you want, 24/7, with whoever you want!  Your missions are individual-based, but many of them complement one another!

A single pass will grant you one hour within the quest area to complete as many missions as you can.  Completing more missions allows you to claim greater rewards, and you can wait to select your treasure until a later run if you want to save up!

When can I go?

Right now!  Hurry, the quest is only here for a limited time!

How do I go?

Head on over to the Simucoin store and purchase an Ulf'Hara summons.  This grants you one hour of access to the quest area.  These passes do NOT bond, and they do NOT auto-redeem upon delivery.  You can sell or trade them for in-game coins and items if you like!

To redeem your summons, seek out the NPC guardsman at the common portal locations -- check NEWS 4 1 or PREMIUM 3 (if you're a Premium subscriber).  Once you REDEEM the summons, ASK the guard for ACCESS, and he'll move you in!

What do I do while I'm there?

Recover and protect Zoluren's treasures, of course!  You'll start in the staging area with Lord Zukir, who hands out all TASKs needing to be done.  Just ASK ZUKIR FOR TASK to be given your first mission.  There's a wide variety of missions, and Empaths aren't forced into combat missions either!

Here's a handful of the potential missions:

  • Kill the invading Elpalzi, undead and bandits!
  • Disarm traps and claim the treasures inside!
  • Solve tricky combination lock puzzles!
  • Escort disoriented guardsmen and adventurers to safety!
  • Recover treasures from creatures or the ruins!
  • And more!

Keep an eye out for named bosses, too!

How should I prepare?

Don't bring anything you don't want to lose -- death is possible!  You will DEPART to an area within the quest zone, so be sure you have plenty of favors!  Don't forget to DEPART ITEMS or FULL to keep your stuff!  Bring some herbs for healing!

How long does this event last?

The Ruins of Ulf'Hara will run from Wednesday, March 23rd through Sunday, April 17th, but the Simucoin store will stop selling the summons on Saturday, April 16th!

The event lasts for over 3 weeks, and you can go any time you want, 24/7, but don't wait too long!  It may be a while before this event returns!  Use your summons while you can, or sell them to other adventurers eager to go!

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