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Hollow Eve 101
Posted on 10/27/2015 10:20 PM CDT by Webstaff


Having discovered a knack for taming beasts and a flair for showmanship years prior, the stout Dwarf known as Plokks took to the road with his Performing Pivuh Panorama, pouring his life's savings into the show and hoping to secure investors to make his true dream come to life -- a full circus of his very own.

After many years filled with scraping and bowing, wheeling and dealing, and more long, cold nights spent traveling through hostile terrain than a Dwarf can count, that dream was poised to become reality.  Then, the supplies, the costumes, the food for the animals -- all stolen in the night!  He'd have to go with them now, of course, those Gnomes and their Captain with his offers of financial backing and access to his connections.

Of course, the stench of disaster clinging to Kurmin was impossible to miss from past years.  Will this, too, turn into chaos?  The show must go on!  Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply will have its audience, no matter the circumstances!

You can also check out Elanthipedia's article for some more reading.  The gist, however, is that Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply will be a major part of Hollow Eve this year, though truth be told, there's no telling how it will end!

Signing Up:

When you sign up for the fest in Prime, you will be able to choose how many of your characters you wish to attend -- one, two, three, four, or all.  Platinum and TF are able to take all of their characters.  Why take more than one character?  While not common, there are SOME shops that are restricted to certain guilds.  Also, each character that attends will be entitled to this year's special gift!

New Hollow Eve Store Items:

We're trying something new with this year's Hollow Eve, but don't fret!  The items we're offering to Hollow Eve attendees aren't new items!  Instead, we're offering a catch up mechanism for last year's clockwork shark, a temporary return of the first Hollow Eve's god totems, and some festive tickets that EVERYONE, even those not attending Hollow Eve, can use!  We've created a filter for the store to make finding them easy, and there's a post on the forums with further details on each.  Here's a quick overview:

  • Festive Tickets - A special collector will be outside the restricted area of the spiders selling grab bags of diras, cards, or dyes!  Pick up a bundle of festival tickets that you can trade for your chance at rares of each!
  • God Totems - Missed the first ever gift of Hollow Eve?  Miss it no longer!  Fully unlocked god totems are available in our store for a limited amount of time!
  • Clockwork Shark Catchup - Renowned inventor C. Filorux lost some of last year's broken models, but if you acquire one and return it, he'll help upgrade your existing shark to the current model!  Note that these are sold in game near the inventor, NOT in the web store!

Roaming the Grounds:

Check out maps of the mechanical spider from past Hollow Eve events to familiarize yourself with the layout.  The realms' cartographers will no doubt be hard at work creating new maps for this year, so check back often for updates!

You'll need dokoras aplenty to line the pockets of shop owners, artisans and game runners at the festival.  Worry not about carrying the coins -- the mechanical spider has a bank to keep them safe!  It even has an exchange booth and transfer services for our Premium subscribers!

Speaking of merchants!  When preparing for a visit with a special merchant, please try and have your ideas ready and/or work with anyone that might be available to help with your designs.  Some merchants work with helpers.  Here's some information on how they work.

Many games of chance line the spider's corridors, some even risking death.  Be sure to enlist plenty of favor with your chosen Immortal, and remember to store any valuables you aren't prepared to lose.  Should you fail in a most unfortunate way, don't forget your DEPART HELP options.

There will be several transports available throughout the realms to get you to and from the spider.  You can find their locations in the FESTIVAL verb.  We'll also be updating FESTIVAL throughout the event as merchants schedule their visits and other events, so be sure to check it often.  Some of the special craftsmen may arrive unexpectedly, with or without word from one of the local criers, so be on your toes!

Throughout the stay of the mechanical behemoths, there will be impromptu raffles from Kentikatili located in the upper abdomen section, and surprises around every corner, along with an auction that could make available some rare and unusual artifacts.

So grab your friends and come enjoy the fun!  There will be plenty of things to do, sweet delectable treats, and new people to meet.  With an ever-growing list of merchants on hand, selling everything from pets and clothing to home décor, be sure to pace yourself, lest you shop until you drop!



Directions to the spider bank:
From the ramp, go southeast, south, south, go ramp, north, northwest, go door.

Directions to the merchant lounge:
From the ramp, go southeast, south, south, go ramp, west, west, north, go arch.

Directions to the raffle area:
From the ramp, go southeast, south, south, go ramp, south, go arch.

Directions to the auction area:
From the ramp, go southeast, south, south, go ramp, west, southwest, go door.

Directions to baby spider:
From the ramp, go southeast, south, south, go ramp, west, southwest, southeast, go hatch, southwest, southeast, go hatch, go arch


Opening: While the box office and the calendar sometimes indicate a noon (or earlier) opening, Hollow Eve is traditionally opened during prime time hours (6-9pm Eastern).  This ensures more staff is on hand to help with any issues that may arise as well as letting players and staff alike finish out their work day at their regular jobs.

Merchant and raffle listings available through the FESTIVAL verb can and will change over the course of the event.  Some merchants can and will make surprise visits (or run raffles) that may or may not be scheduled.  Surprise is one of the natures of the festival, so there will be no guarantees of advanced notice prior to any event, though we will do so as we are able.

Be sure to watch for special signs within each shop that might detail the use of the items you're purchasing, their limitations, or guidelines and availability.  Refunds are NOT guaranteed.

Alteration limitations will be in effect.  Each account will be limited to a certain number of alterations to ensure a fair chance at alterations for as many people as possible.  The initial opening will have non-Premium accounts limited to TWO alterations, and Premium accounts will be allowed THREE.  As the fest goes on, if we find merchant lists not filling up, we MAY increase the amount allowed.

Be courteous of others, as your stay within the Merchant Lounge and other areas is subject to the descretion of the visting artisan.  Disruptive visitors CAN be banned from returning.

May your luck be strong, your containers large enough for your purchases, and you fun boundless!

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