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Tricks and Treats at Hollow Eve!
Posted on 09/30/2015 05:06 PM CDT by Webstaff

Having discovered a knack for taming beasts and a flair for showmanship years prior, the stout Dwarf known as Plokks took to the road with his Performing Pivuh Panorama, pouring his life's savings into the show and hoping to secure investors to make his true dream come to life -- a full circus of his very own. 

After many years filled with scraping and bowing, wheeling and dealing, and more long, cold nights spent traveling through hostile terrain than a Dwarf can count, that dream was poised to become reality!  Sure, some of the investors along the way were less than totally savory, but such is carny life.

And then it happened.

So close he could taste it and now this!  The supplies, the costumes, the food for the animals -- all stolen in the night!  On the brink of utter despair, Plokks gathered his performers, man and beast alike, and broke the news …

Hollow Eve 2015

He'd have to go with them now, of course, those Gnomes and their Captain with his offers of financial backing and access to his connections.  There simply wasn't enough money or investors left to go forward alone, and he had far too many employees these days to fold for the season while he regrouped.  People and creatures who depended on him.  They needed this as badly as he did.

Just this one time was the Captain’s only request, almost too good to be true.  Just hold his first performances in Forfedhdar in the days before the giant mechanical spiders came and the Gnomes put on their festival, and Plokks would be his own man again, free to keep the new supplies and a modest payment for him and the performers on top. 

Of course, the stench of disaster clinging to Kurmin was impossible to miss -- falling stars, shadowy worlds, murderous dolls, giant flying eels and watery sharks that swam through the very earth, floods and storms, volcanic eruptions, the very sun being blotted from the sky and monstrous creatures trying to wake the World Dragon itself!  Will this, too, turn into chaos? 

The thoughts were too much to bear, so he did what any man in his position would do.  Then, with the flasks empty and the performers’ worries deferred by his ever-silvered words, Plokks took a deep breath, exhaled, and set himself to work.

The show must go on!  Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply will have its audience, no matter the circumstances!

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Are Plokks' worries founded?  Will his glorious circus face some terrible fate?

Find out the answer to this and more by grabbing your ticket to Hollow Eve now!  Over 30 merchants are already updated with new and exciting wares, and over a dozen new shops are being added!  It's early yet, and those numbers are still climbing every day!  Don't miss out on the games, alterers, or the special gift and toy ONLY available to those who attend!


Merchants and Games:

Nearly 3 dozen NEW shops, games and attractions will be present this year!  Be sure to check out the forums for the tentative listing, and know that even more COULD still show up beyond what's listed!

Special Items:

That's right!  What would Hollow Eve be without the special toy and gift?  If you came last year and received the clockwork shark toy, don't forget to visit C. Filorux and get the free upgrade this year!

But that's not all!  This year will have a NEW toy (that you can upgrade next year!) as well as a very special NEW gift!  What will they be?  We're not saying just yet, but you'll definitely want to grab a ticket to find out!

But wait!  There's still more!  We're also introducing three new Simucoin items themed for Hollow Eve!  Two of them require a ticket to activate, but third will be available to everyone!  Be sure to check out the forums for more details on these special new items and how to acquire them!


What are you waiting for?  Sign up now and join your fellow adventurers for weeks of shopping, games, live events and more!

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