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Did You Know: Gem Pouches
Posted on 06/25/2015 04:17 AM CDT by Webstaff

Gem pouches are one of the most common containers in DragonRealms, because they're very useful!  They help organize your inventory, lower inventory counts, and can make you some extra coin when sold by a Trader!  Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your own pouches!

  • You can TIE your pouch to lower your inventory count.  Caution: If you tie a pouch, you cannot take any gems back out of it!  Tying it causes all the gems inside to be deleted (no longer counted in your inventory!), but their values and the number of gems are still tracked.  You may want to keep a separate, untied pouch so you can still tip the Clerics and Empaths who help you!
  • A tied gem pouch can store up to 500 gems, whereas an untied one can only store 70.
  • You can SEARCH an untied gem pouch for the most valuable gem inside.
  • The Dwarven appraiser will give you what you ask for!  If you ASK for a GEM pouch, he'll give you "a (color)/gem/pouch".  If you ASK him for a (COLOR) pouch, he'll give you "a,(color) gem,pouch".  This is why sometimes you may be able to TAP BLUE POUCH and others you may need to TAP GEM POUCH.  They aren't broken, someone just asked for a different type!  See Elanthipedia's page for more info on this!
  • You can use the STORE verb to assign a default container for holding your gems.  Once set, you can use STOW GEM to pick up the first gem in a room and automatically put it into your pre-set container!  No more GET/PUT hassle!
  • ...and more!  Be sure to STUDY your pouch for more tips!

Have you been using your pouch to its fullest potential?

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