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The Fallen
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The Sky Darkens
Posted on 10/25/2013 12:25 AM CDT by Webstaff

Deep in the forests of Ker'leor in the shrine of Dergati, a dark chrysalis lurked, gleaming silver and leaking strands of dark vapor.  Those who interacted with it found that it somehow feasted upon spiritual energy, absorbing the experiences of those who came near it.  It whispered in the dark to its visitors, but remained, changing little, for many years.  All agreed that it was somehow related to the Lady of Nightmares, Dergati.

The powers in Therengia grew uneasy with its presence and placed a guard on the site, preventing pilgrims and the curious alike from strengthening the entity growing within it.  Still it waited in the darkness, seemingly quiescent.

Then, one day, those guarding it were found dead.  The chrysalis was gone.  A collapsed tunnel, leading away, the only evidence that anything had ever been there at all.

Elsewhere, miners would disappear, only to reappear later missing their eyes and their sanity.  The sisters of the Ru'atin Peri'el reported changes in Peri'el's song, and sent a representative, Tasrhhsu, to the mainland to investigate.

The people of Elanthia began reporting strange, nightmarish visions.  Moon Mage Seers saw conflicting visions, most of them portending destruction and chaos.

In time, a new subterranean race of mole-like people, the Akul'tiz, emerged under a leader they call The First, Xitoccanemun.  In the beginning they emerged only at night, but as summer wore on, they began to appear at other times.

Finally, the Sisters of the Ru'atin reported the unthinkable – Peri'el's song has ceased.  Those Clerics who pray to Peri'el find their tongues torn from their mouths.  Peri'el's altars no longer accept her sacrifices.  Xitoccanemun claims that Peri'el is dead.

With Peri'el dead or incapacitated, the World Dragon has begun to stir.  The Greater and Lesser fists have erupted, destroying Tiv's Moon Mage guild and killing all those present within.  The smoke and ash hurled skyward by the eruption has blocked out the sun, plunging Elanthia into endless night.

If Peri'el cannot be healed, the Dragon will surely wake, ending all life on Elanthia.  Somewhere, Dergati is laughing.

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