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Travel Elanthia: Hara'jaal
Posted on 07/12/2012 12:46 AM CDT by Webstaff

Hara’jaal is an enclave of less than savory inhabitants nestled on a gorgeous tropical island.  Located within the watery province of Qi’Reshalia, Hara is in the far southeast section of Qi’s territory.  It’s due east of Mer’Kresh Island and south of Aesry Surlaenis.

Up Close:
Hara is ruled by a local baron, but little is known about him or his government.  Travelers are well advised to avoid breaking the law within the Enclave, as the local enforcers have unique ways of enforcing the area's customs.

Broad reaching rainforests cling to the volcano island’s steep slopes, providing cover for the active wildlife native to the region.  Many dangerous creatures call the island home, including a number of creatures not found elsewhere.

Hunters prize the skins of the poloh’izh and the sailfin lizards.  Large carnivorous fish, the piranha, lurk in the rivers of the island while spider crabs and lachmates prowl the river edges.  The meadows and forests conceal boars, arzumos and moradu.  The rocky slopes are home to retan dolomars and scaly seordmaors.

In what passes for civilization, the Enclave boasts a gem shop, clothing shop and weapon store, but what the Enclave is mainly known for is the tattoo shop.

Besides the hunting and shopping, the main attraction of the island is its famed climbing cliffs, which offer challenges to all levels of skill.  The Immortals are not neglected either, with several altars to the gods on the island, although they are not easy to locate.

Rumors of further areas of interest, currently protected and guarded by the island’s secretive smugglers, continue to attract interest from explorers, but so far, no one has found new entrances into the dense jungle of the island’s interior.

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