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Travel Elanthia: Siksraja
Posted on 06/18/2012 04:55 AM CDT by Webstaff

Siksraja is a little safehaven settled by Rakash fleeing from Lyras.  This particular group had separated from the rest and wandered for years. They decided that, this far from civilization, they could keep careful watch and build a safe place since it is sheltered by mountains and next to a lovely lake.  A network of ropes and bells serve as an early warning system against threats and functions as intended.  Should you fail to find any residents, stop ringing the bells and investigate!

Up Close:
Over time, they have built a tidy town complete with shops and a pack house to serve their own community as well as visiting travelers.  Unfortunately, there is no bank in town, so be sure to bring plenty of Lirums with you if you wish to take advantage of the local amenities during your visit!

Should you be in need of armor tailored specifically for a Rakash, stop by Cefrit of Odcoru’s wagon.  The herbalists of Augs Uda should have just the right medications for any injuries you have, and Visfarej Cehs can provide you with a number of containers, alchemy supplies and more.

Planning to stay a while?  Not a problem!  The pack house, Dzirta Nars, caters solely to Rakash clientele.  Slafs Riza Rakstit offers a variety of fancy colored papers and quills that can be used to record your vacation.  Fishing supplies can be found at Zivis Cehs for those looking to escape the day to day grind, but be sure you grab some tasty treats before you find that perfect spot!  Saralt Kaste offers a variety of cakes, pastries, breads and more to satisfy your cravings, whether sweet or savory.

Interested in evaluating the local wildlife during your visit?  Caves along the road leading into town are home to some interesting creations while vast fields are ripe with deer -- young to elder, they’re plentiful!  Should they get the better of you, though, fear not.  The holy folks of Garidznawk Cehs proffer a number of statuettes for Rakash seeking favors.

Pack a travel bag and put on your travel shoes, because no matter what your interests are, Siksraja awaits to fulfill them.  To start your journey, head west from the trail leading into the Gwenalion Fens in southwest Langenfirth.

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