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Akigwe's Legacy
Posted on 03/21/2012 01:02 AM CDT by Webstaff
Events Akigwe Legacy

Secrets of the Tower

Akigwe's Tower once stood as a bastion of research into lores both magical and mundane.  The Elemental mage had sought a place to share his knowledge and to encourage others to push for great discoveries, but some took advantage of the opportunity to further darker pursuits.  Lives were lost, lines were crossed, and Akigwe and all under him were ousted, leaving the tower quiet and abandoned for decades.

...but someone uninvited has returned.  Lights that should not be lit shine through the upper windows.  Peace Keeper Idwuro has put out a call for assistance, seeking all who would venture within.  Will you brave the traps and puzzles inside to learn who's behind the revived activity before harm again befalls the Dwarves of Inner Hibarnhvidar?

Events All Sign Up Ticket

Up to 15 players can participate in the next DragonRealms Adventure, a small-scale "quest" that takes roughly an hour to complete.  Unlike the task-based Quelling the Riot, Akigwe's Legacy is a throwback to our older, puzzle-based quests.  Race the clock to collect hidden treasures and slay foes while solving puzzles that block your ascent.

Want to team up with your friends with a private run?  Pick a time and date for your group and contact and your specially scheduled Adventure will have up to 15 reserved slots that can only be purchased by those who know the password! 

Events All Sign Up Ticket

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