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The Elanthian Lorethew Mentor Society Membership Requirements

Mentors come from all walks of life. They are as diverse as the population of Elanthia itself.

The basic requirements for becoming a Mentor are:

  • At least 15th circle within your guild.
  • A "clean" record, free of violations.
  • The availability and willingness to dedicate a minimum of ten hours per month to Mentoring.
  • The desire to help others.
  • A demonstrated history of consistent Role-Playing together with the ability to remain in character even in stressful situations.
  • The ability to work with others, as well as independently, with minimal supervision.
  • The successful completion of a character history for your Mentor character.
  • The successful completion of a test demonstrating your knowledge of the game, the lands, and the history of the lands and its people.
  • The Mentor applicant character must be on an account solely used by the player, no others may have access to this account.

The process:

  • Your application will be reviewed by a panel of GMs. They will evaluate your history for compliance to policy, circle requirement, role-playing capability, and clean billing history.
  • Once the application passes the panel it is directed to the GM assigned to the Lorethew Mentor Society. The GM then distributes the name and contact information to the appropriate Mentor Guild Representative when an opening is available in that guild.
  • The Representative then arranges the first interview with the candidate.
  • A second interview will also be arranged with the Mentor Council Chief. And if need be a third interview will be arranged with the Mentor GM. The interviews are geared to determine the candidate's commitment level, knowledge, people skills, and desire to help others.
  • Upon successful interviews the candidate will be inducted into the training program and given a welcome package containing the Lorethew Mentor Policies.
  • The inductee will have to complete approximately 20 hours of training and pass a test to be promoted to full-mentor status.

Note: While these requirements are the standard, please be aware that the GM’s may make any exceptions or adjustments in their determination of the acceptability of a Mentor, and all decisions are at their sole discretion.

If you meet these requirements, APPLY NOW!



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