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Tanning is the process of preparing an animal skin to be worked, but also turning the skin into something useable. While Rangers have a knack for tanning, any person with the right skills and desire to do it can use these principles to make the very same things.

To start with, you need to have some sort of animal hide, skin or pelt. You do not have to have skinned the critter yourself, as any useable skin will do (there are also shops that sell animal hides, skins and pelts). While the quality of the pelt is important to the final product you will end up with, this is by no means the only important piece of the puzzle.

Before you can work this skin with a pattern, you need to cure it. Curing the skin preserves it for longevity. To cure the skin, you need a hide scraper, and either leather lotion for skins and hides or pelt potion for pelts. The tannery has these supplies, as well as the items you need for cutting your skin into a certain shape.

Holding your animal skin, SCRAPE it WITH the SCRAPER. You can do this CAREFULly, NORMALly or QUICKly. How fast you choose to scrape your pelt and how successful you are will depend on a number of factors, including your Mechanical Lore and Skinning skills. Keep scraping until the skin is cleaned.

Whether you have a skin, hide or pelt will determine what you use for the next step. You need to POUR the LOTION ON the SKIN or HIDE, or POUR the POTION ON the PELT. This will start the curing process. Now the item can be put aside for 24 to 48 Elanthian hours. Time to cure generally depends on the size of the hide, pelt or skin. A rat pelt will take much less time to cure than a crocodile skin. You can even leave Elanthia if you need to, as it will continue curing until it is done. You will need to LOOK at the item to determine when it is finally done, so keep an eye on it.

When your pelt, hide or skin is done curing, you can turn it into usable item. This is when you will need your other set of tanning items. For this you will need tanners’ shears, a bodkin, and some stout thread. All of these items, including patterns, are available at your local tannery.

PUT your PATTERN on the SKIN, or the item you are using. If you change your mind, RUB the item to remove the marks before you cut it, and you will be able to reuse the skin for a different pattern. Patterns are also reusable, although they will degrade with use.

Next, using your tanning shears, CUT the SKIN. This will give you pieces. Some patterns will require more than one skin, so you will have to put the pieces aside until you have enough of them. You can BUNDLE the pieces to determine if you have enough in the set to make what you want, as well as keeping them all together until you are ready to use them.

Once you have enough pieces in your set for the item you want to make, you are ready to sew the piece together. PUT the THREAD IN the BODKIN to begin. Using the bodkin, POKE the SET to outline where you are going to stitch. Lastly, STRING the SET to sew it all together. You may have to do this a few times before the piece is finished.

Once you are done, you have a completed tanned and functional piece that you made yourself!



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