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The Fallen
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What Can I Do in Elanthia?

You probably already know by now that you can hunt creatures for fun and profit, heal fellow adventurers, cast one of nearly 200 spells, cantrips, and enchantes for protection or harm, and explore the lands.

But did you know there's a LOT more to do in Elanthia? You can...

Craft Hundreds of Different Items!

  • Make yourself a backpack, clothes or some armor by tanning leather and animal skins!
  • Buy patterns, needle, and thread and learn to embroider your own items!
  • Learn to forge your own armor and weapons!
  • Make weapons, jewelry, or even furniture by carving them from stone!
  • Go fishing for more than 65 kinds of aquatic wildlife!
  • Fold over 50 different origami figures!
  • Forage for various types of wood and learn to carve your own longbows, short bows, and fletch arrows with one of many types of arrowheads!
  • Carve a pumpkin!
  • Create healing (and harming) potions!
  • Pick and preserve flowers and even make them into jewelry!
  • Carve a cane.
  • Create a talisman.


Individualize Your Character!

  • Choose a Profession!
  • Join a sect!
  • Buy a house and shop for furniture, decorations, accessories, rugs, floors, and walls!
  • Learn to play an instrument!
  • Buy a horse -- learn to groom it, ride it, learn to joust, teach it tricks, and even teach it how to fight in battles against your foes!
  • Read one of nearly 200 books in one of nearly 50 libraries!
  • Visit the Trader's Bazaar and see what's for sale on the tables and in the stalls.
  • Fulfill a quest and gain special abilities or find secret areas!
  • Get married!
  • Host a party!


Discover the Wonders of Elanthia!

  • Travel to one of more than 25 cities, towns, and villages
  • Find a box of treasure and figure out how to disarm one of almost 30 different traps!
  • Make a daring leap from the battlements of a castle (survival not guaranteed)!
  • Peer through a telescope at a realistically and accurately modeled solar system with 47 constellations and 12 planets!
  • Climb a tree, a wall, or even up the side of a cliff!
  • Swim in hundreds of rivers, lakes, stream, and oceans!
  • Meet a Mayor, a Guildleader, or even a Prince!
  • Sail a ship, row a boat, or hitch a ride on one of the scheduled ocean-going vessels!
  • Escape from a spider's web!
  • Take a ride on a swinging gondola across a huge chasm!
  • Explore a treehouse and swing down a rope to the ground!
  • Sleep in a tent under the stars and eat roasted meat from a firepit!


Play Unique Games and Puzzles!

  • Play dice, spin the wheel of fortune, or try your luck on a slot have to gamble big to win big!
  • Juggle a multitude of items from simple juggling balls to coconuts or carved rosebuds!
  • Go dining and dancing!
  • Play Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • Get lost in a maze!
  • Bob for apples!
  • Ice skate!
  • Catch a greased pig!
  • Whack a pinata!
  • Collect sea shells and sell them at the Penal Colony!
  • Find and figure out some of the embedded mini-quests always available!

...and Much More!
Because the world of Elanthia is always changing, and there's always something new to discover!


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