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The Fallen
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Embroidery is a time-honored hobby of leisure and relaxation. You can use your skills to embellish your items, turning them into personalized works of art. There are several embroidery shops located throughout the land, and each one sells unique patterns and bobbins.

To embroider, you will need to have several items. You need an embroidery needle, a bobbin (that holds the thread) with the color of your choice, a pattern, and a plain article to embroider on. Embroidery pouches, sold in the shop, are good for this purpose, as are store bought backpacks, since they are functional but plain. You can work on cloth that is not armor, has a special look, or serves a special function.

Because embroidery is a talent based on skill in Mechanical Lore, your designs may come out sloppy when you begin. So pick a pattern and piece to work on that is within your budget and expect that practice will make perfect. Some patterns are easier than others, so finding one that is good for your talents may take some time.

Now that you have your basic materials, you can begin the process. First you need to thread the needle. PULL your BOBBIN to get some thread. You do not have to be holding the bobbin to do this, as long as it is accessible, such as in an open backpack or sack. Now, holding your needle, PUT the THREAD ON the NEEDLE.

Once you thread the needle, you need to use the thread up before you can change colors. Alternately, you can PULL the NEEDLE to remove the yarn that is threaded, and toss it away.

Now you need to STUDY your PATTERN. There are different levels of difficulty with patterns, and some are easier to study than others. Also, some patterns take longer to study than others and some people may take longer at this process than someone else studying the same thing, depending on your Scholarship skill.

Now that you have studied your pattern, put it away and take up the item to be sewn. Now STITCH your item WITH your NEEDLE. Make sure you stitch your item by name. If you are working on a backpack, for instance, you need to indicate that when you are embroidering.

You may find the pattern slips from your memory during the course of stitching. If that's the case, just STUDY it again and resume stitching.

Once you are done, look at it and you have your new embroidered item!



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