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The Skill Based Title System allows Titles to be rewarded based on a multitude of requirements. There are many options for each requirement, and multiple requirements are possible for a single Title. Some Titles require the character to own a horse, for example, while other may require owning a ship, or having a certain amount of gold in the bank.

Several Titles will be announced and requirements given as time goes on, but for now, we'll start with the fact that all guilds have the following "standard" Titles:

Initiate <guildname> Circle 1
Apprentice <guildname> Circle 10
Journey(man/woman) <guildname> Circle 20
<guildname> Circle 30 + Guild specific requirements
Expert <guildname> Circle 40
Master <guildname> Circle 60
Grand Master <guildname> Circle 80
Legendary <guildname> Circle 100
?????? <guildname> Circle 150

Additional Titles are broken into different categories based on their general requirements.  For example, Titles in the the "Survival" category all involve Survival Skills as their main requirement, but some may have additional requirements outside the Survival Skillset.

Barbarian Guild Titles

Bard Guild Titles

Cleric Guild Titles

Empath Guild Titles

Moon Mage Guild Titles

Paladin Guild Titles

Ranger Guild Titles

Thief Guild Titles

Trader Guild Titles

Warrior Mage Guild Titles

Astrology Titles
Combat Titles
Criminal Titles
Lore Titles
Magic Titles

Ownership Titles

Performer Titles
Survival Titles Page 1
Survival Titles Page 2
Survival Titles Page 3
Weapon Titles

For more information, to ask questions, or to discuss the new system, please visit the Titles Topic in the Forums.




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