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The Fallen
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Temple Tours

New tours of the Crossing temple and Seirgelde Ruins!

What are these tours?
The current Crossing temple is still fairly new, built after the last temple was destroyed recently. It is much larger than the previous temple, therefore the monks have graciously decided to start giving tours.

How do I get there?
You can find the Crossing temple by typing DIR TEMPLE while on the streets of the Crossing. Once you get inside the temple gates, enter the mohagany building and read the sign.

What are they tours of?
There are three tours. One goes to Ve Aevan Gaenan (the High Altar), one to Siergelde Ruins (where you may find favor orbs), and one to Li Stil rae Kwego ia Kweld (the Resurrection Creche where you appear after you have died and departed).

How much do they cost?
If you are under 20th level, the tours are free of charge. There is a small donation of 500 Kronars required from those over 20th level who wish to take a tour.


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