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The following eight attributes measure your character's general physical and mental prowess. The higher the number, the better.

Your character's attributes are determined when you choose a race in the Hall of the Eleven Races. But by spending Time Development Points as your character advances, you can increase them.

We recommend a balanced approach to training. A character with 60 Strength but 7 Stamina would make a great weightlifter, but won't last long in a battle.

The maximum potential force a character can generate during physical activity. Strength factors into damage caused during combat, as well as the amount of weight one can carry without strain.

The character's ability to quickly respond to actions and events going on around them. Essential for defense in combat, as evasion, shield use and parry all depend on reflexes.

The character's physical dexterity, working with fine motor skills. Examples of agility include picking locks, carving talismans, playing musical instruments, or working a weapon.

A combination of the character's persuasiveness, leadership ability, and other factors when dealing with other characters, NPCs (Non-Player Characters), creatures and spirits.

The character's ability to use their mind to control their body. Determines the character's maximum Concentration stat, endurance when performing strenuous activities, and improves offensive and defensive capability with will-based spells.

The character's worldly knowledge, intuition and personal ability to apply life experience to various situations. Primarily affects will-based spells, strength of spirit, and the rate one learns from one's experiences.

The character's ability to remember and reason; ingenuity, cleverness and quick thinking. Primarily affects the maximum amount of experience one can hold in one's mind, and is of some benefit in spellcasting.

The character's ability to perform strenuous activities (such as fighting) over a long period of time. Affects physical toughness and resiliency, strength of spirit, endurance, and ability to carry (not just lift) weight.

Time Development Points

Time Development Points (TDPs) are needed to increase your character's Attributes. As your character advances in skills and Circle, you gain TDPs, representing time invested in physical or mental training.

In the Crossing, you can use the DIRECTIONS command to find each of the training facilities. Once at a facility, type TRAIN to find out what the cost in TDPs and the trainer's fee is. Type TRAIN a second time to perform the training.

The TDP cost to increase your Attributes depends on your current score and your race. For example, Gor'Togs have a more difficult time than average training their Intelligence and an easier time training Stamina.

The TDP cost for training an attribute up by one is:
(current attribute x 3) + (racial TDP cost x current attribute / 2)

For example, a Gor'Tog with 10 Intelligence (a +2 TDP cost) would need (10x3)+(2x10/2) or 40 TDPs to increase it to 11.

The same character with 15 Stamina (a -1 TDP cost) would need (15x3)+(-1x15/2) or 38 TDPs to increase it to 16.

Other Statistics

Circle (also called Level)
Your character's ranking within his Guild, granted by Guildmasters for meeting their training standards. Circle is a factor in Concentration and a few other calculations. TDPs as well as new spells and abilities are frequently awarded when your character reaches a new circle.

Represents your character's capacity for working with mana. Training attributes will not increase your Maximum Harness, but Harness Ability Skill does.

Concentration is your character's ability to stay focused despite all distractions. Important for magic and many special Thief activities.

A highly encumbered character suffers from a wide variety of penalties when taking physical actions, particularly combat. To decrease encumbrance, eliminate some of your gear and treasure and/or train in Stamina and Strength.

Gender, Age, Birthday, Skin/Scale Color, Hair, Beard, etc.
These have no tangible effect on your character's performance in physical or mental abilities, and are purely for roleplaying use. However, in a few cases NPCs (Non-Player Characters) may react to your character's gender and appearance in various ways depending on their own personal quirks.


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