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Your character's abilities in DragonRealms are determined by a set of skills. Each skill has a value, which starts small, and grows with experience. How well your character performs a task, such as combat or magic use is determined by how much he or she has advanced in a that skill.

Your character gains more skill through practice. For example, engaging in combat will improve certain combat skills; or climbing a difficult wall will enhance your character's climbing skill.

Your character can also be taught new skills by other characters. For example, another character can teach your character how to be a better tracker. In fact, teaching itself is a skill that improves with more practice.

As you begin to play DragonRealms you will find your character learning new skills quickly. Eventually, though, you will want to specialize in a particular field. To do this you must seek out a Guild of a particular profession, such as a Barbarian or Moon Mage. The Guild will assign your character a rank (called a Circle) based on the skills learned, and guide you to learn new ones to reach each successive circle.

Each skill fits into one of the following categories or Skill Sets: Armor, Weapons, Lore, Survival, or Magic.

Along with requirements, each guild has a Primary and two Secondary skill sets. Generally speaking, your Primary skills are learned at a higher than normal rate, Secondary skills are learned at an average rate, and all other skills are learned at a slower rate. Of course this is highly dependent on the individual skill and the way in which you practice it.

Armor Skills
Shield Usage
Effects: Chance of blocking with a shield.
Practice: Using a shield in combat.

Leather Armor
Light/Heavy Chain Armor
Light/Heavy Plate Armor

Effects: Ability to maneuver while wearing armor.
Practice: Wearing armor in combat.
Note: A guild's general armor skill requirements refer to your highest armor skill. If you switch from wearing Leather Armor to wearing Heavy Chain, you may have some catching up to do before you can advance.
Weapon Skills
Parry Ability
Effects: Chance of blocking an attack using your weapon.
Practice: Use a weapon in melee combat, PARRY verb.

Multiple Engaged Opponents
Effects: Decreases penalties associated with being flanked by enemies.
Practice: Fight while engaged to several opponents.

Light/Medium/Heavy/Two-Handed Edged
Light/Medium/Heavy/Two-Handed Blunt
Sling, Staff Sling
Short/Long/Composite Bow
Light/Heavy Crossbow
Short Staff, Quarter Staff
Pikes, Halberds
Light/Heavy Thrown
Effects: Ability to hit and do damage while using various weapons.
Practice: Use the weapon in combat.
Note: A guild's general weapon requirements usually refer to your highest one or two weapon skills.

Effects: Ability to fight unarmed, grapple, and use improvised weapons.
Practice: See BRAWL HELP; try attack verbs (JAB, BASH, etc.) while holding various objects.
Lore Skills
Effects: Learning from other players, OBSERVing, deciphering spell scrolls, studying various quests and special objects
Practice: LISTEN to other players teaching, READ library books, make PREDICTions.

Mechanical Lore
Effects: Useful in alchemy, carving, forging, repair, tuning instruments, etc.
Practice: Lighting fires, various alchemy tasks.

Musical Lore
Effects: General skill in music, music theory and instrument maintenance.
Practice: PLAYing instruments.

String Instruments
Wind Instruments
Effects: Increases Bards' skill in playing and singing music.
Practice: PLAY and SING.
Note: These skills are required only for Bards -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Lore skill requirements.

Effects: Identify and compare items, judge the combat ability of potential foes, mark targets for stealing.
Practice: APPRAISE various items, creatures, and people.

Effects: Improves ability to teach your skills to others.
Practice: TEACH other adventurers.

Effects: Increases quantity of goods that Traders are allowed to transport; may get a better deal from some merchants.
Practice: Transport goods and commodities.
Note: This skill is required only for Traders -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Lore skill requirements.

Animal Lore
Effects: Rangers' ability with animal companions.
Practice: Obtain and work with a companion.
Note: This skill is required only for Rangers -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Lore skill requirements.

Effects: Empaths' ability to diagnose, link, and transfer wounds. Also, empath success in performing other empath abilities.
Practice: Healing, Manipulating, Shifts
Note: This skill is required only for Empaths -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Lore skill requirements.

Effects: Moon Mages' ability to observe heavenly bodies and make astrological predictions.
Practice: OBSERVE and PREDICT.
Note: This skill is required only for Moon Mages -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Lore skill requirements.
Survival Skills
Effects: Ability to dodge melee, missile and some magical attacks.
Practice: Evade attacks in combat.

Effects: Ability to climb safely.
Practice: Climb stairs, ladders, ropes, etc. as well as rocks and cliffs.

Effects: Ability to stay afloat and make headway against a current.
Practice: Swim.

Effects: Increases situational awareness and ability to notice hidden details (such as traps).
Practice: SEARCH for hidden objects and people; watch as other people try to hide.

Effects: Rangers' ability to track creatures and people across short distances.
Practice: TRACK people and creatures.
Note: This skill is required only for Rangers -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Survival skill requirements.

Effects: Improves quality of pelts skinned from dead creatures.
Practice: SKIN creatures after killing them.

Effects: Improves ability to find useful herbs and roots in the wild.
Practice: FORAGE in likely-looking places.

Effects: Improves ability to hide from danger.
Practice: HIDE, particularly while in sight of players or creatures.

Effects: Improves ability to sneak while hidden and to stalk moving players or creatures.
Practice: While hidden, SNEAK around and try to STALK people.

Effects: Thieves' ability to leap from hiding and stab humanoid creatures from behind.
Practice: While hidden, BACKSTAB a creature using a sharp jabbing weapon.
Note: This skill is required only for Thieves -- other guilds do not count it for the purposes of Survival skill requirements.

Effects: Ability to open locks without the key.
Practice: PICK locked doors and chests... but watch out for traps.

Trap Disarming
Effects: Ability to identify and avoid or disarm traps.
Practice: DISARM trapped locks.

Effects: Ability to pick peoples' pockets and shoplift goods.
Practice: For non-Paladins, STEAL from people or shops... but use discretion.

First Aid
Effects: Ability to bandage wounds and cleanly remove lodged arrows.
Practice: TEND wounds on yourself or others.

Effects: Ability to free yourself when caught by webs or other hazards.
Practice: Attempt to escape when caught.
Magic Skills
Primary Magic
Effects: Ability to cast increasingly difficult spells, and to effectively use more mana when casting.
Practice: PREPARE and CAST spells.

Harness Ability
Effects: Ability to harness and hold mana, and apply more mana to spells.
Practice: HARNESS and hold mana, PREPARE and CAST spells.

Power Perception
Effects: Ability to perceive mana in the environment and objects; for non-Moon Mages, increases radius of land from which mana can be harnessed; for Moon Mages allows several options including harnessing mana from distant planets.
Practice: PERCEIVE mana in various locations (Moon Mages use PERCEIVE HELP to see more options.)

Magical Devices
Effects: Ability to identify, adjust and use magical devices.
Practice: FOCUS on runestones and wands, use cambrinth and gaethzen items.

Targetted Magic
Effects: Increases accuracy of targetted attack spells.
Practice: PREPARE, TARGET and CAST targetted spells.

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