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The Fallen
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Tenderfoot Inn & Jadewater Mansion

Now you are in the game! This part of the game is called the Tenderfoot Inn. Pause, look around and get oriented. When you are ready, type INVENTORY. This will show what you are carrying or wearing. Next go west by typing WEST.

You should now be in the lobby of the Tenderfoot Inn. You should also see an aged woman. If you stick around, she will start talking to you. She is what is called an NPC (Non-Player Character). Instead of a person controlling the woman, the game is controlling her. She's got limited intelligence but you can ask her some questions. She doesn't know a great deal, but she does know some helpful things.

To ask the woman questions, try these:



Try asking her about other things like training or hunting. If she asks you to speak up, that means she doesn't have an answer for your question and it's just her IC (In Character) way of telling that to you. Other NPCs in the game also have different IC responses when they don't have an answer for you.

Once you are finished asking the woman about whatever it is you want to ask, type OUT to get out of the Inn. The Tenderfoot Inn is located next to Jadewater Mansion. This is a place where Mentors stay. Mentors are players like you who volunteer their time to help new players get accustomed to DragonRealms. They are always IC (in character) so their responses to you will be as if you are speaking to their character and not the player behind the character.

At this point you should be on the East Lawn. There should be an old man who, like the old woman, starts to talk to you. You can pause to ask him some more questions and to listen to what he has to say. When you are done, move west (type WEST).

You should be on the cobbled path. There is a sign here. Read it (type READ SIGN). You will also notice that there is a hammock here. Type GO HAMMOCK for a bit of fun. You will sit on the hammock. To stand back up, type STAND.

There is also a door bell here. You can ring the door bell by typing PUSH BELL or RING BELL. This calls for a Mentor. If one is available, you'll get an answer shortly. Otherwise, you may have to come back later to obtain help. From time to time Mentors in the game send out messages to new players saying they are available. When you get that message, you can type in a command to take you directly to that Mentor. This is a very good way to get your questions answered by a live human being.

Remember, type ADVICE over and over again until you've done all it suggests. You also have the HELP command for more detailed information in the game.

If you are still in the Jadewater Mansion, Cobbled Path, you can get out into the city proper by typing OUT. After doing this you will be in "The Crossing, Eylhaar Bane Road." Notice that there is a lattice-work gate here. Type GO LATT GATE (tip: you can abbreviate words). This will take you back into Jadewater Mansion at the Cobbled Path. This is how you can return to this area. Type OUT again to get back to Eylhaar Bane Road.

By now you may have seen some player characters walk by. You should start seeing many more player characters now. Most of them are on their way to and from various places. They aren't intentionally ignoring you if they fail to stop and talk with you so don't be discouraged or offended. Most people in DragonRealms are friendly and helpful. Just find a place where some are hanging out and ask if any of them can help you. If they decline, just ask someone else. You'll eventually find someone willing to help you get started.


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