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The Fallen
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Choosing a Race

By now some messages may have appeared on your screen explaining some things about how to use commands (or verbs) in the game to do things like move, look, touch, etc. other things in the game. At your leisure, read them as they appear. If you want to see the room description again, you can do so at any time by typing LOOK .

You should be in a room that asks you to pick a race. If you just want to get into the game, type TOUCH HUMAN, then type NORTH. Otherwise, you can pick any of the other races you see.

Type LOOK ON DAIS and you will see a list of the figurines. You can look ON/UNDER/BEHIND/IN things that exist in the game, and if something is there, you will see it.

For information on each race, you can check the Races Page on the website, or you can LOOK at each race. For example, LOOK AT DWARF FIGURINE or LOOK DWARF .

When you have decided what you want to be, select your race by touching a figurine. For example, TOUCH THE GOR'TOG FIGURINE or TOUCH GOR .

Note: You can TOUCH the figurine of your choice as many times as you like to change your starting stats. However, these aren't as vital as they are in other RPGs you might be familiar with, so don't sweat it.

You will be turned into the race of your choice and given some stats (numbers that represent how good you are in Strength, Agility, etc.). These values go up later as you play the game.

After picking your race, go NORTH to the next step.

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