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The Fallen
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New Player Guide

Welcome to Elanthia, adventurer! DragonRealms is a complex, in-depth game that may seem a little overwhelming at first, but we make every effort to get you settled in comfortably and quickly on your way to glory, loot and fame! Here's how to get started:

1 Sign up for an account and subscribe to DragonRealms if you haven't yet, then sign in and click Go Play!
2 Once in the game, pick your character's gender and first name. Try to choose a name that fits within the medieval fantasy environment. Read the Naming Your Character guide for some ideas.
3 Answer the question on how much help you want. Then move north by typing NORTH.
4 Choose your race by typing TOUCH HUMAN (or whatever race you prefer), then type NORTH again.
5 In this room you are asked if you want to pick your features (skin color, hair style, and so on). If you prefer to choose your own, answer YES and follow the instructions. If you'd rather leave it up to fate, answer NO.
6 Type GO THROUGH ARCH (GO ARCH or ENTER ARCH will also work) to move your character through the arch and into the Tenderfoot Inn -- a part of the live game. If you like, try this brief tour of the game.
7 Type ADVICE repeatedly and do what it says each time. This is one of the best ways to understand quickly how the game works. It will walk you through joining a guild and shopping for some basic equipment, and get you started on your adventure.
Don't worry about how well you do or how much you understand at first. There is a lot to learn but once you learn it, things become much less overwhelming. If you ever wanted to live in a virtual world, this is exactly what DragonRealms is. And -- like the real world -- there is a tremendous amount of things you can do.

At any time, if you find you don't know what to do next, type ADVICE or HELP. These verbs won't solve puzzles for you, but are a big help early in your adventuring career.  You can also type ADVICE more than once and get more advice!

Mentors are experienced players who have volunteered their time to advise new players. Ask them any questions you may have about how to play the game or what
Besides Mentors, other players might be willing to help you. Or they might not -- maybe they're roleplaying a grouchy Dwarf or haughty Elothean that just isn't interested in helping anyone. It's worth a try though, as long as you're not too demanding.
Between the information section of the website, the forums, and our links to other players' sites, you'll find a wealth of information -- everything from training advice to maps to advanced battle tactics and more.


Rated E: Everyone Interactive -- The content of this site may change due to interactive exchanges.  Mild Violence.
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