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The Fallen
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Naming Your Character

All names in DragonRealms must be unique... which means there's a good chance that someone else has already taken your first choice of name. Don't panic -- the game will suggest some possibilities to try, and you can type NAME to get a few more suggestions. Often a name that's not quite right can be changed into one you might like, for instance "Nbyr" might become "Nabira" or "Lgar" might become "Lygar" or "Elgar."

With a little judicious tweaking and rearranging, almost anything can become a unique, interesting name appropriate to a fantasy setting. Maybe there's a can of Coke beside your computer. Obviously you can't call yourself Coke or Coca-Cola... but how do Cole, Ollak, Kaloka, or Laeko strike you?

It's worth taking a few minutes to come up with a name you can live with... because once you choose a name, the only way to change it is to start over with a new character.

There are a few guidelines you must follow when coming up with a name:

Names cannot be vulgar or offensive.

Names can not contain any kind of title. Your character will earn titles as he or she advances, and you'd look pretty silly as Apprentice MasterChang or Sir SirJoseph.

Names should not be phraselike, nor should they be modern nicknames or 'handles'. Imsocool, Foxylady, Super Cilious, Mightykiller and Tamer OfLions are not acceptable names.

Names should not have a modernistic sound to them, or that use words that did not exist in the medieval time period. Examples: Techijoe, Metallica, Prozac.

Names should not contain odd punctuation, numbers, or extra letters.

Names should be capitalized properly. If you use all capital letters, or wAcKy cApItaLiZaTiOn your name will be rejected.

Names should not be composed of nonsense characters, abbreviated or missing letters, or initials, nor should they be completely unpronounceable.

A character name should not be the name of any of the monsters, gods, goddesses, cities, provinces, clans, etc. in Elanthia. Nor should it be the exact spelling of common items found in the game (i.e. Arrow, Dagger, Boots, etc.)

A character name should not be the name of any well known person or deity, whether real, fictional, or historical. You can't be Han Solo, Abraham Lincoln, Tim Curry, or Buddha.

For more details, you might want to read "What's In a Name?"

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