The Immortals. Part of every decision we make, everything we touch, all that we do and say. We seldom give much thought to them, unless perhaps we have chosen a holy life, but the will of the gods rules our lives. Your favorite knife breaks while you're carving a new bow? Zachriedek just visited. The harvest is bountiful this year? All praise Hodierna! The youngest child cries out in the night? Coax him back to sleep with Damaris's kiss on his brow.

This month we show something of Tamsine and her positive and negative aspects, Albreda and Harawep respectively. If you look carefully, I'm certain you can see their hands weaving your own lives.

Next month we visit Glythtide, gentle Saemaus, and the crazy one, Be'ort.

This Issue: Tamsine
Past Issue: Urrem'tier
Past Issue: Chadatru
Past Issue: Faenella


Excerpt from "The Immortals", by Amritam Gweththew and Rowan Windlyric (book available in most libraries of Elanthia)

Tamsine - goddess of hearth, home, habitations, settlements, civilization. Patron of the hearth, and of the town of Fostra's Haven. Before construction on temples, public buildings and houses is begun, her blessings and favor must be sought. Tamsine is also the goddess of beneficial fire and blessings. If a priest would have blessings, he or she must first learn from the shrine of Tamsine first. Tamsine is also a domestic; she is a great weaver, cooker, dyer, brewer, and any number of things that can be done in or around the home. Her emblem is a great tabby cat.

Albreda - bringer of peace, cementer of alliances and marriages, patroness of orphans and fosterlings; Albreda is a kind and beneficial goddess who despises war and bloodshed. A few warriors (paladins usually) have, however, worshiped her, and she does not disdain this worship. It is said that Albreda's blessing is what brought the lasting peace of the Seven Pointed Star Empire, and that she wept so deeply during the Elven-Human war it created an entire new ocean in far off lands. Albreda is motherly, a companion to Alamhif. She succors and protects mothers who have trouble in childbirth, or fathers who have been widowed because their wife has died in childbirth. Healers often find her the easiest to worship. Her animal is the dove.

Harawep - disrupter of peace, treaties among races and nations, destroyer of families, augur of disloyalty, turner of children against parents, clan against clan. Harawep is a vicious warrior who fights with twin swords. Hideously ugly, Harawep resembles a hag who moves quicker than the eye can follow, which is perhaps why she is also the goddess of lightning, and lightning strikes that start up unstoppable forest fires. Harawep is also a weaver, and her plots and schemes are sometimes as intricate as the webs her favorite creatures (the spider) spins. Harawep is the widowmaker, and the patron of murderers and some assassins. Her emblem is the black widow spider.


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