Simucon was held in St. Louis MO in June of this year. Held annually in the city where Simutronics' home office is located, the Con has grown from a few
people around one table, to hundreds of Simutronics' gamers taking over most of a hotel. Seminars, games, costumery, merchants, all bring the game alive in another dimension than the one we're used to seeing. Mroce on your monitor screen may have little to do with the player behind the name, and
this is true for every player, Mentor, GameHost, and GameMaster in DragonRealms. The Cons are our chance to give the names we see every day some more depth and familiarity, as well as to get a review of upcoming changes in and enhancements to the world we play in.

Sharyn and Espritia were two of our Waerd Aev staff members at Simucon this year. While the Con is different things to different people, these two
ladies share their own experiences with you, our readers. I hope you find them intriguing. I'd like to meet more of you next year at the next Simucon!

You'll also find in this section a great article from GM Derrey regarding playing evil characters in DragonRealms. As with much else in life, there's an art to being bad, and Derrey gives us some tips! And for those who've ever winced at reading three pages of character description when they've looked at another player, check out Stephenne's article on fluff.

GM Mroce
Articles Stephenne offers us all some insight on "fluff", as we so fondly call it, and two of our staffers report on their Simucon experiences.

For the would-be villians among us, GM Derrey offers some pointers.
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