Good day to you, gentle readers.

Step through our door into a world of the imagination, where the impossible becomes reality and thus reality can rest for a bit.

The time since our last publication has been fraught with truly world-shattering events, both Elanthian and more mundane. Death is ugly in any realm, and many of us have had to learn that life goes on for the living while those who've journeyed on live in our hearts and minds and memories.

This year brings alterations in Waerd Aev, some of which will be transparent and others that you will no doubt note. One modification we've been forced to make is moving our "home" address. Recent changes in mail handlers cost us our mailbox and its entire contents. Therefore, should you have sent us something to print, be it art or a tale or a poem, and you do not find it in these pages, please feel free to inquire or resubmit! once again points to a working destination.

In any case, join us in whiling away an hour or two with the things we've collected from your peers in the Dragon's Realms. Fine tales
await you! A bowl of popcorn would not be amiss...



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