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Nymme "The Baron's Hospitality!" V3, I3
Bubbinster "Booze by Bubb" V3, I3
Sharyn "Hidden in Plain Sight" V3, I3
Jolebin "Keeping Your Wits About You in Elanthia" V3, I3
Chartaine "The Tale of Zyrimir d'Quethe, Part V" V3, I3
Rayth, Lord Blackmoore "A Matter of Fashion" V3, I3
Daerlynn "No Man" V3, I3
Justinarius and Severl "Annotated Paladin Manual" V3, I3
Windance "The Peaceful Giant" V3, I3
Tsarenzi "Place of the Ocean's Song" V3, I3
Nymme "Romantic Ins and Outs of Riverhaven" V3, I3
Seihjin "Sorrows on the Northern Trade Route" V3, I3
Espritia "New Shopping Opportunities" V3, I3
Bubbinster "The Wandering Minstrel Speaks" V3, I3
Ganyon "What kind of fool am I..." V3, I3
Purrcy "A Matter of Cleanliness" V3, I2
Mireille "Isilda" V3, I2
Nymme "To picnic, or not to picnic?" V3, I2
Purrcy "What Do I Do With This Orb?" V3, I2
Chartaine "The Tale of Zyrimir d'Quethe, Part IV" V3, I2
Rayth, Lord Blackmoore "A Matter of Fashion" V3, I2
Nymme "The Baron's Hospitality!" V3, I2
Gossip   V3, I2
Salamae "Mind's Eye " V3, I1
Nymme "Party Planning Made Easy!" V3, I1
Tonika "What Every Bard Should Know, Or A Guide to Inns and Taverns: Crossing" V3, I1
Y.T., Ace Reporter "Noble Decree!" V3, I1
Drongol "Drongol on Clerics" V3, I1
Nymme "Crossing Hideaways Revealed!" V3, I1
Chartaine "The Tale of Zyrimir d'Quethe, Part III" V3, I1
Rayth, Lord Blackmoore "A Matter of Fashion" V3, I1
Jolebin Swordstaff "Avoiding the Dangers of Elanthia" V3, I1
Bubbinster "Celebration of Cleanbeard!" V3, I1
Classifieds   V3, I1
Freyah "Carrach's Gift" V2, I5
Daerlynn "The Man of My Dreams" V2, I5
Calmyron "Feas Gaenwen" V2, I5
Mireille "Lake of Dreams" V2, I5
Viv "Death Spirit Grog" V2, I5
Anonymouse "The Sweep of All Souls" V2, I5
Zelaide "Moon Mages and Sects" V2, I5
Drongol "Paladin Justice" V2, I5
Farrowlin Pasant "Interview with the Vreeland" V2, I5
Editor "Letters to the Editor" V2, I5
Lord Blackmoore "A Matter of Style" V2, I5
Chartaine "The Tale of Zyrimir d'Quethe II" V2, I5
Classifieds   V2, I5
Melistat "An Exploration of Old Crossing" V2, I4
Rayth "The Opening of Ulf'Hara Keep" V2, I4
Psychi "Coronation of Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa" V2, I4
Domnin "Untitled" V2, I4
Anonymouse "The Call of the Sea" V2, I4
Y.T. "Kalag the Black" V2, I4
Praise "Eulogy for the High Temple" V2, I3
Ilaina "The Murder of Prince Belirendrick" V2, I3
Chartaine "The Tale of Zyrimir d'Quethe I" V2, I3
Y.T. "Aunt Pauline is Back" V2, I3
Cirostar "Battle of Kirrum'toriel" V2, I3
Drongol "Paladins and Immortals" V2, I3
Anonymouse "Pocketing" V2, I2
Anonymous "Who Needs a Temple Anyways?" V2, I2
Anonymous "Memory" V2, I2
Khaman "Be Still My Heart" V2, I2
Drongol "Paladins Post on Codes" V2, I2
Aspira "Celebration of the Season" V2, I2
Nesbit "For Times Truly Doth Not Assuage Sorrow" V2, I1
Anonymouse "Adventuring" V2, I1
Nanaath "A Voice in the Trees" V2, I1
Drongol "Matters of the Paladin" V2, I1
Caraamon "Barbarian's Arena" V2, I1
Tsarenzi "Village of the Furry Foots: An Exploration of Arthe Dale" V2, I1
Micwolf "The Rose Thief" V2, I1

Poetry & Songs

Tutti "Songs from the Carnival of Wonders" V3, I3
Tyvaar "Homecoming" V3, I3
Zelaide "Gypsy Dance" V3, I3
Greckle "Lord Sonol's Wife" V3, I3
Karish "We Fought and We Fell" V3, I3
Tyvaar "Hunters in the Mist" V3, I2
Vendelor "The Tezirite Mirror" V3, I2
Tymorin "Where I Roam" V3, I2
Tyvaar "Grief" V3, I1
Sapphyr "Untitled" V3, I1
Stephania "Paladin's Passing " V3, I1
Tyvaar "Where Have Ye Gone" V2, I5
Greckle "Sorrow" V2, I5
Tymorin "Choose Well the Road" V2, I5
Phangor "The Life of the Trader" V2, I5
Vallatio "The Songs of Vallatio Woodshadow" V2, I5
Tyvaar "Strength with Honor" V2, I4
Ieshan "Night of the Shadowmasters" V2, I4
Suriaah "Reflections" V2, I4
Taolan "Lady, Dear Lady" V2, I4
Tyvaar "A Tale of Two Knights" V2, I3
Xepher "Song of the Wanderer" V2, I3
Meriwythr "Goldeneyes" V2, I3
Leros "Assassin's Chant" V2, I3
Gelvit "Untitled" V2, I2
Orison "Trader's Song" V2, I2
Divada "Song of Jadewater" V2, I2
Larisah "Fragile Wings" V2, I2
Kitarah "Elanthian Lovers" V2, I2
Peter "Burden" V2, I2
Larisah "Fallen" V2, I1



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