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The Fallen
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DragonRealms Newsletter
June 9, 2000

DragonRealms Newsletter: Edition 14
June 9, 2000

Table of Contents

1. Elanthian News: Buddy Contest Winners, Moon Mage News, New Waerd Aev
Issue, Bard Guild News
2. Events: Morum Melgorehn, Upcoming Weddings
3. Contact Us

1. Elanthian News:

They told their friends about DragonRealms and now they're reaping the
rewards! We'll be picking three winners at the end of every month, so just
keep spreading the word and you could be next! The names of the new lucky
winners are posted on the DragonRealms web site each month following the
drawing. To participate, go to

Congratulations to this month's winners and good luck in the next drawing,
June 30th!

Grand Prize: Custom Character Alteration - Slomgar Svetti
Second Prize: Free Quest Ticket - Dagorran Mallour
Third Place: Free Month Subscription - Treiz Trancher

Grand Prize: Custom Character Alteration - Marietta Cumhaill
Second Prize: Free Quest Ticket - Fenixx Vulage
Third Place: Free Month Subscription - Ganadorf Hateslink

Recent rumors have been flying in the Moon Mage guildhalls regarding a
strange prophet wandering the streets of Therengia.  What makes this
sighting remarkable for the Guild is the prophet's apparent usage of lunar
magic.  Despite being blind, this enigmatic individual has managed to
dodge all attempts at conversation.  What can this mean for the Moon Mage

Moon Mages now have access to ESP magic in the form of the spell
"Thoughtcast."  Using it, they can send a private message of pure thought
to another person!

From Zyla's "Tale of Blood" to Zygmund's call for courtesy, the newest
issue of Waerd Aev is teeming with stories, poems, tips, and advice.  Stop
by and take in the creativity and talent of your fellow players at:

The Eye of Kertigen has been re-released to the Bardic populace with
several new features and improvements. And, based suggestions from the
message boards, the SONG verb has been updated to help make information
easier to find, with much less scroll. Enjoy!

2. Events:

A couple of odd gnomes are seeking some able-bodied adventurers to help
them overcome the traps, creatures, and puzzles that stand between them
and a giant family inheritance. The reward they're promising is
substantial and the adventure is sure to be exciting, so what are you
waiting for? July tickets are on sale now but going fast, so head over to and click on the quest link to signup today!

Congratulations to all couples throughout the realms who prepare to join
their lives in matrimony!

Zizer Bladescan and Syraen D'Alanaro will join their lives in marriage in
the forest of Darda Galion on Friday June 9th at 9pm EST.  A reception
will follow for their invited guests.

Ishae Tor-Yvresse and Pinquist Selphene will join their lives in marriage
on Saturday, June 10th, at 10pm EST in a ceremony on the sandy shores of
the Orchid Lagoon.  A reception will follow.  Admission to the wedding and
reception will be by invitation only.

See NEWS 4 for the locations of transportation portals to the weddings.

If you've met that special someone and are ready to make it official, let
us help you celebrate in style! GameMasters will assist you with all the
special touches, from customized invitations to the wedding cake. Choose
from one of several beautiful locations to make your vows and make it a
day to remember! Check out the Wedding link at for
details and dates!

3. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please reply to We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of DragonRealms. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to:

See you in the game!

The DragonRealms Team
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