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The Fallen
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DragonRealms Newsletter
March 15, 2000

DragonRealms Newsletter: Edition 12
March 15, 2000

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Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Events: Wedding Celebrations, Guild Meetings
2. Elanthian News: All-New Waerd Aev, Bridal Dress Design Contest, Buddy
Contest Winners, Cleric Guild Guru
3. Premium News: Estate Holders Meeting
4. SimuCon 2000: Register Now & Save!
5. Contact Us

1. Upcoming Events:

Congratulations to all couples throughout the realms who prepare to join
their lives in matrimony!

Join Falcraa Lodum and Mendir Simrolnon in joyous festivities they have
planned to announce their blessed union of marriage on Friday, March 17th
at 1PM EST at the fortress of Cloudspire Keep. A reception will follow and
all are welcome to attend.

Ketrianna Der'lebury and Petraud Al'Daru will join their lives in a
ceremonial bonding on Saturday, March 18th at 10PM EST in the forest of
Darda Galion, with a reception to follow.  Bring your spouse, bring a
friend, bring the clan, all are welcome to attend!

Melissande de-Ceisy and Profesie Nexell will join their lives in marriage
on Sunday, March 19th, at 10PM EST at the fortress of Cloudspire Keep.  A
lavish reception will follow.  Admission to the wedding and reception will
be by invitation only.

Gabela D'Emibenit and Garfaldo La'Mancha will vow their lives to one
another at the forest of Darda Galion on Saturday, March 25th, at 10PM
EST.  Invited guests will enjoy a luxurious reception following the

See NEWS 4 for the locations of transportation portals to the weddings. To
learn more about arranging an assisted wedding and to signup for dates in
May or June, check out the wedding link on the DragonRealms website

In related wedding news, a new book was just released to the library on
Mer'Kresh regarding Rissan wedding customs - stop by to check it out!

The monthly Traders' Guild meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16th,
at 9PM EST in the Crossing guild moot room.  Gather with fellow traders to
openly discuss the business of the guild with Trader GameMasters. The
forum will focus on the status and updates of ongoing projects, such as
any new developments, events, news or changes that may impact the guild,
followed by a Q&A session. Come help shape the future of your guild!

The Warrior Mage Guild will be holding a meeting in the Crossing
Amphitheater at 2PM EST on Saturday, March 18th.  For this meeting, we'll
be trying some new mechanics for submitting questions in advance.  Please
check out the MEETING verb for more information.

2. Elanthian News:

After a two-year hiatus, DragonRealms' official webzine has returned,
chock full of articles, poetry, roleplaying tips, artwork, and more! Check
out the latest issue and a new archive of email newsletters from a link on
the DragonRealms website ( The staff at Waerd Aev
looks forward to hearing all of your comments and suggestions and to
receiving your submissions. Come see what Elanthia looks like through the
Dragon's Eye!

The editors at Waerd Aev are offering the opportunity to avenge all those
who have ever worn an ugly bridesmaid dress!  It is nearly impossible for
wedding coupled to design items that have significance to both them and
their bridal party; conflicts inevitably arise when you want your maid of
honor to wear lace and she wants to wear a fresh spring green gown.

Your challenge: Design a dress that you would be proud to wear as the maid
of honor at your own best friend's wedding. See your creation become a
reality and win an alteration for yourself!
All entries must be received by March 30th and the winner will be
announced next issue. For contest details and rules, check out the contest
link in the "Behind the Curtain" (OOC button) section of the newsletter.
Send submissions to Good luck!

They told their friends about DragonRealms and now they're reaping the
rewards! We'll be picking three winners at the end of every month, so just
keep spreading the word and you could be next! The names of the new lucky
winners are posted on the DragonRealms web site each month following the
drawing. To participate, go to

Congratulations to this month's winners and good luck in the next drawing,
March 31st!

Grand Prize: Custom Character Alteration - Demiro Erylin
Second Prize: Free Quest Ticket - Ammian Zoneba
Third Place: Free Month Subscription - Klydan Aikial

GM Enbarr recently proclaimed an exciting opportunity for clerics
attending this year's SimuCon (see NEWS 23 for full statement). Aside from
discussing the state and future of the guild, GM Enbarr is offering a
chance to become the honorary Guild Guru for a day! Attend the Cleric
Guild Seminar and if your name is drawn from a hat of all those present,
you'll zip around the realms with GM Enbarr all day, getting into all
sorts of mischief and commanding his undivided attention!

3. Premium News:

Estate Holders will meet Thursday, March 16th at 9PM EST to hear some
important announcements.  The winners of the "Who Ate the Cookies" contest
will be congratulated, and homeowners will be interested in the sounds
coming from a wagon parked at the SeaCaves of Per'iel!

4. News from Simutronics:

Join friends, GameMasters, and the rest of the Simutronics staff on the
weekend of June 15th-18th in St. Louis, Missouri for first SimuCon of the
new millenium!  Signup by April 14th and save up to $50! Check out the
official SimuCon 2000 website at for valuable
discount offers, event schedules, memories from SimuCons past, and much
more. Register today!

5. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please reply to We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of DragonRealms. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to:

See you in the game!

The DragonRealms Team

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