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The Fallen
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DragonRealms Newsletter
April 6, 1999

Subject: The DragonRealms Newsletter - April 6, 1999
To: Customers

Greetings from the world of DragonRealms! This is the premier edition of
our newsletter, filled with all the exciting new things happening in
Elanthia. Since the game is constantly changing, we'll be sending these
out once a month to keep you up to date! You can unsubscribe at any time
by following the instructions at the bottom of this email.

DR Newsletter: Edition 1
April 6, 1999
Table of Contents

1. New Releases: Cast a Cantrip, Start a Brawl, New Hunting Areas and
Creatures, Grow Beards, New Books Available
2. In-Game Events: Volcano Quest Returns
3. Upcoming Releases: New Races Coming Soon, Alternate Experience System,
Forge Your Own Weapons
4. Premium & Platinum News: Premium Estate Holders Meeting, Roleplayers
Dominate Platinum
5. News from the Online Store
6. Contact Us

1. New Releases:

Warrior mages across the land are singing the praises of the newly
released Cantrips. Says Ehnalia Nahktaris, "I love them, I adore them... I
want MORE of them!" Life in Elanthia is now a bit more interesting with
fun new spells like "Water Globe", which allows the caster to throw a
water filled globe or ball of snow at nagging thieves or start water
fights with friends. To learn one of the 6 new Cantrips, visit a Warrior
Mage Guildleader and ASK them about CANTRIPS.

For updates on all new developments in magic, check in-game NEWS 17.

The long-awaited Brawling skill was recently released! With new tactics
like Gouge, Tackle, Bite, and Claw, everyday combat will never be the
same. And, if you can pick it up  it's a weapon! That's right, now non-
weapon objects like shields, and eventually chairs and glasses can be used
as brawling weapons. Have fun and watch what you say in the pubs!

Check out the in-game NEWS 8 for a complete list of new developments in

The Necropolis and Mausoleum Undead hunting areas have opened in the new
Maritime province with new creatures to hunt. These are night-time only
hunting areas, where critters like the Wir Dinego sleep during the day.
New and unusual creatures have been popping up all over Elanthia these
past few months. So, if you've yet to encounter a Nightweaver Unyn or
Rotting Scourge, why not venture out on a new course!

All races capable of growing facial hair will start to notice their beards
growing.  Dwarven ladies will even be able to sport thick, alluring chin
whiskers!  Beards and mustaches will grow at different rates and
thicknesses according to race, and can be shaped and groomed according to
individual style. A variety of new shops around the realm will be selling
razors, clippers, and an assortment of other hair care items for the
upkeep of your new facial hair.

A special topic devoted to beards is available in the Suggestions and
Improvements folder (Category 7) on the DragonRealms Message Boards.

Browse the shelves of the growing in-game libraries for dozens of new
titles, including "Galarn's Tale", "Singers of Aesry," "Rahta S'kra
Landing," and "Making of Moon-Isles." With a collection of over 100 books
written by players and GameMasters, most libraries are open to the
Elanthian public, while some are held privately for specific professions.
For directions, type DIR LIBRARY from anywhere on the Streets of the
Crossing and visit one today!

Do you have a story to tell? The Clerics recently sponsored a book-writing
contest, the winning entries from which will be published for all to read.
Congratulations to this month's prize authors: Lagerby Crimsonjaw,
Lathaliu Ewoenyn, and Rouslan Teploh. Check in-game NEWS for other
upcoming contests!

2. In-Game Events:

Defeat the diabolical Fire Mage Mibgluc  this time for good!  After his
plans were spoiled on the last run of this immensely popular quest,
Mibgluc has returned and is hungry for revenge. Can you stop him from re-
awakening the volcano?  Visit and buy your
tickets today: only $15 for basic and $13 for premium members. Use the in-
game QUEST command to get updates on this and other upcoming quests!

3. Upcoming releases:

By early May, four new races will be introduced to DragonRealms. At the
moment public details are sketchy at best, but rumor has it that some of
these new races will have remarkable abilities.  Some speculate that these
new races may have become interested in our lands as a result of renewed
contact with the maritime province, Reshalia. Watch in-game NEWS for
details of their arrival!

An Alternate option will soon be available, allowing you to reduce
repetitive actions in the less interesting skills.  This will allow for
short bursts of experience gain in these skills followed by a mandatory
wait time before new experience in these skills can be gained again.  More
information will be posted in game and on the message boards once this
option goes live.

Soon players of every profession will be able to melt and mix metals to
forge their own unique weapons and armor! Ten new forges are currently
being added, with many more on the way in the coming months. Barbarians
and Paladins will first have access to the new system, followed by the
general population of the Realms.

4. Premium & Platinum News:

The next "Fun Night" is scheduled for April 22nd at 10pm Eastern in the
Seacaves of Peri'el. Gather with other Premium members to express your
ideas and opinions about the service, and take part in the special
surprise activity.  For notes on last month's meeting and other Premium
announcements, type PREMIUM NEWS in game.

If you've been holding out on upgrading, why not join other players who
are enjoying exclusive Premium benefits? For one low monthly price, you'll
get more characters, a home of your own, access to private clubhouses and
hunting areas, previews of new systems, and much more! For more
information, please visit this link:
/simunet_public/dr/Premium/drpreminfo.asp or type
PREMIUM in game.

During March, DragonRealms Platinum subscriptions were upgraded from 10 to
25 extra character slots!

What is Platinum, you ask? Here's what some members have to say:

"After being here, and seeing the kindness and interaction and great
roleplaying from everyone, I'm quite hooked!" Zarya

"Almost everyone in DR Plat with which I have come into contact has
displayed wonderful roleplaying talents... the only problem is I am not
getting any sleep and am having trouble making it to work!"  Hemingwey

"I've found my golden age."  Wrennic

"I have enjoyed it soooo much! I love Platinum, and I hope more people
will become involved in it!"  Khisanth Jokar

DragonRealms Platinum is our answer to your overwhelming cries for a
smaller, close-knit roleplaying community. This limited time package
allows the serious roleplayer to relive the Golden Age of DragonRealms.
For more information, click the "Play Platinum" link on our website!

5. News from the Online Store:

Visit the DragonRealms online store  the only place to purchase official
DragonRealms merchandise! Choose from stylish sweatshirts, caps, jackets
and T-shirts; or treat a friend to a Gift of Adventure certificate, good
on any Simutronics product. Premium members receive 10% discount on most
items! To visit the store, login at and click
on the "Merchandise" link.

Security Reminder:

No one, including Simutronics employees, should EVER ask you for your
password!  Protect yourself and your character from potential sabotage by
keeping your password secret!

6. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please write to We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of DragonRealms. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to:

See you in the game!

The DragonRealms Team

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review your account information, and uncheck the box for receiving email
from Simutronics.  Replying to this letter will not remove you.
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