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The Fallen
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The Quintessential Warrior Mage

What is a Warrior Mage, you may ask yourself? Warrior Mages are both Warriors and Mages combining steel and magic together to form a formidable offensive power. The life of a Warrior Mage is challenging and not for the faint of heart. The requirements placed on Warrior Mages are strenuous. While some might question the validity of this statement, I may point out that they are strenuous in different ways, requiring a bit of patience and intelligence. As a Warrior Mage one must master aspects of combat which can, and frequently does, place one in a great deal of danger, whether it be from marauding brigands to fierce wild creatures. One must also have a good deal of patience to learn about the various lores and crafts of Elanthia.

Most of the training of the Warrior Mage is quite flexible, allowing them to choose their own paths. If they wish to learn combat with a halberd they may do so, they may also learn which ever lores (so long as they fulfill the minimum guild requirements) they so choose. Many guilds do not offer the same versatility found within the Warrior Mages. While Traders may focus on Trading and making money, Barbarians will seldom be outside of combat, and Rangers seldom inside the city, a Warrior Mage may be found almost anywhere. Warrior Mages have the benefits of powerful spells to aid them in combat. Calling upon the Elemental Magics of Elanthia, using fireballs and lightning bolts to bring down foes. Or, if they so wish, the cold steel of a blade will suffice as well. Additionally, Warrior Mages have the ability to summon a familiar, a magical creature which does the bidding of the Warrior Mage. They may become the best of companions or the worst of slaves, should the Warrior Mage desire.

The first, and probably foremost, tool of the Warrior Mage is a Warrior Mage's magic. Warrior Mages draw upon the Elements in their magic and have a wide variety of spells that are geared for combat. Few Warrior Mage spells are have utility outside of combat. Each spell comes from one of six different books of magic, and in turn, each book of magic is made up of spells of a particular element. The books are the Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, and Aether Manipulation. The Fire Book contains spells such as Fire Shard and Fireball, while the Earth Book has spells such as Fist of Stone and Earth Sense. No guild wields the sheer destructive power or number of ways to kill, as a Warrior Mage does.

Spells can be used by preparing them first. The correct syntax for this would be PREPARE Fire Shard 10 (or prep fs 10). Where Fire Shard would be the spell name. The number 10 represents the amount of harness you are trying to put into a spell. To see how much harness is available to you you must type PERCEIVE (or PERC or POW). The more mana streams that flow through an area the more power you will be able to put into a spell. Blinding streams of mana means that you would be able to put much more harness into your spell than say a room with only vague streams of mana. The more skill you have in Primary Magic, the greater your ability to put more mana into a spell, thereby increasing it's effectiveness and likeliness that it will penetrate a person or creature's natural magical resistance and hit that target. A person casting a beneficial spell on themselves has no resistance to that spell and reap the full rewards if they are able to cast it without backfiring. Backfiring, means that you are unable to cast that spell using the amount of harness you are putting into it. Simply put, you're trying to do too much. If you have trouble with backfiring you may wish trying to cast the spell with a lesser amount of harness. Each spell has a minimum amount of harness that must be utilized, but you will be notified if that is the case. You will also be notified if the spell backfires on you.

Once the spell is fully prepared, one may CAST <target>. Targeted spells such as Fire Shard can be cast as such, but are extremely more effective if you TARGET your victim first and then a simple CAST (without including the name of the target) will do. Note: Spells may be cast before they are fully prepared or targetted, however, they are not as effective as fully prepared or targetted spells. This is known as snap casting. Also, targeted spells teach the Targeted Magic skill which aids in hitting and doing more damage to your victim. Other spells may teach this skill, but not as well as a Targeted spell.

The various levels of mana, from lowest amount to highest, are as follows:None, Slight Trace, Barely Pulsating, Slightest, Vague, Hazy, Dimly Flickering, Flickering, Rapidly Flickering, Shimmering, Slowly Pulsating, Pulsating, Quickly Pulsating, Faintly Glowing, Glowing, Powerfully Glowing, Softly Shining, Shining, Brilliant, Luminous, Flaring, Burning, Brightly Burning, Blazing, Blinding.

Cantrips are magical spells that require no preparation time and cost no harness, but have only limited, if any, use. Cantrips can be gained when one has learned two spells from one book of magic. To learn it, ask your guild leader about cantrips. PREP CANTRIP BURNING TOUCH would prepare the cantrip burning touch (one may also abbreviate the words burning touch for expediency). To cast a cantrip one must GESTURE <target>. There is a brief period of rest that one must wait through between casting of the same cantrip, which gradually begins to disappear as one becomes skilled in the use of magic.

Familiars are a useful tool for Warrior Mages. The first familiar type may be gained at first circle. To gain a familiar one must first obtain a talisman (in the case of young mages just beginning, this would be a small talisman, which costs approximately a gold at the Artificers shop). To properly carve a talisman one should have a few ranks of Mechanical lore under their belts, the more ranks, the more likely your success in carving it. Consult fellow Mages as necessary. Once the talisman is in your hands and you feel you are ready to carve it you must prepare the talisman. To prepare the talisman properly you must bond to it, this can be accomplished through the act of RUBbing the talisman. Once you feel you have properly bonded to it you must carve the talisman until you have brought out the finer details in your endeavor. Once you feel that you have done so you must SUMMON your familiar. Example: SUMMON GERBIL, or SUMMON FAMILIAR, both will work. Congratulations, you now have a familiar. To actually get it to do anything one must TELL your familiar what to do. Example: TELL GERBIL TO SAY Hi, I'm Squeeky! or TELL GERBIL TO PERFORM. To summon or make your familiar do anything, one must have the correct talisman in hand, otherwise, dejected, the familiar will leave. As one grows more skilled in manipulating magical devices the roundtime associated with making a familiar speak grows smaller. Also, as one grows in circles one will be able to make their familiars travel farther.

Finally, as a Warrior Mage one will be able to use abilities called Aethereal Pathways. These abilities help increase one's skill with Targetted spells. To see what Pathway abilities you have you can type: PATHWAY LIST. However, you do not gain the first ability until 4th circle and in order to gain it you must first complete a quest (which, unfortunately for you, I will not go into). To actually use the Pathway abilities one must type PATHWAY FOCUS and the name of the ability. Example: PATHWAY FOCUS DAMAGE, would activate the Pathway Damage ability. You can type PATHWAY for more information. Once activated it is used automatically when one casts a spell. However, be warned, the Pathway abilities only last for a short while, as long as you are able to hold it for, which at a young age, will most likely be enough to get one spell off. However, it does grow with a mage as their abilities grow. How it grows is left up to you.

Good luck, future Warrior Mages!

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