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The Fallen
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Warrior Mage Guild

"We are the destroyers, yet we are also the peacekeepers. We face any threat with both sword and spell, and the enemies of the people know this and cower in fear." - guild leader Karazhil


Wielding both blade and arcane evocation, Warrior Mages are masters of combat wizardry whose origins are shrouded in the mists of an ancient past. The "Guild of Elemental Mages" traces its roots to the Age of Myths.

"First comes Power, then Duty, then Death. Power brings Duty, and Duty leads to Death. To live the cycle is to be a Warrior Mage." - Taken from an excerpt from the diary kept by the Elven Bard Seluran eth'Riel, original source unknown.

Despite the severe temperament often attributed to practitioners of elemental magic, down through the ages Warrior Mages have stood guard over Elanthia, protecting her towns and cities from the scourge of invaders and the forces of darkness. From this noble tradition rose perhaps the greatest hero of these realms: Lanival the Redeemer, whose roguish youth was marked by apparent impertinence that ultimately gave way to a grave and selfless sense of duty.

Guild Locations

The Crossing
The largest of the Warrior Mage Guild halls is presided by the stern Guildleader Gauthus, who oversees the training of young mages as they take the first steps along the Path of Duty. (You can type DIR WARRIOR MAGE for directions.)

In this historic trading town stands another of the Guild's halls, where Guildmistress Karazhil keeps constant vigil.

From atop the battlements of Stormwill Tower, Guildmistress Melear holds at bay the unceasing tempest conjured long ago by the nefarious Mage of Storms.

Chyolvea Tayeu'a
This long-abandoned fortress in the Dragon Spine Mountains, the seat of an early predecessor of the Guild, has been recently reoccupied and its secrets mined by Guildmaster Augrym.

Guildmaster Tyrsan leads the Reshalia Guild contingent with an iron grip, overseeing its contributions to defense of the island.

Requirements to Advance

Magic skills are the cornerstone of a Warrior Mage's career. Competence in at least one weapon skill is also essential.

Lore skills are necessary, and though the standard is not high, First Aid skill is required even at higher levels in case of emergency.

Special Abilities

As Warrior Mages grow in skill and prowess, they learn to construct artifices which can be employed to summon beings from beyond the Plane of Abiding. Such magical familiars most commonly appear in the forms of lesser animals. Through concentration and persistent manipulation, an elemental mage can spy upon remote locations, seek out acquaintances whose names are known, and speak through his or her familiar.

Elemental Magic
Warrior Mages have access to Elemental mana, and the Aether, Air, Earth, Electricity, Fire, and Water spellbooks.

Targeted Magic
Though other practitioners of magical arts are able to direct arcane forces towards a target, it is Warrior Mages who are most skilled in channeling destructive magical energy.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Warrior Mage
Guild Titles

Warrior Mages tend to be
Human 31%
Elven 25%
S'Kra Mur 10%
Elothean 8%
Prydaen 7%
Kaldar 5%
Dwarven 3%
Rakash 2%
Halfling 2%
Gor'Tog <1%
Gnomish <1%

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